September 29, 2011

Bibi: Israel Will Raise ‘David’s Sword’ Against Iran

Bibi: Israel Will Raise ‘David’s Sword’ Against Iran
By Richard Silverstein
Published: September 28, 2011

While Yisrael HaYom may be the best paper Sheldon Adelson’s money can buy on behalf of his political fixer, Bibi Netanyahu (and Bibi may be the best Israeli politician Adelson’s money can buy), there are sometimes benefits to reading it. You do get to read the unfiltered Bibi, unfettered by concerns for the sensitivities of his western audience.

For example, after his UN speech he gave an exclusive interview to the newspaper in which he waxed eloquent on the imagined accomplishments of his UN speech. First, he (almost single-handedly to hear him tell it) stopped Palestinian statehood. Second, the rest of the world now “understands” Israel’s views on these matters. Note, he didn’t say “agrees” with Israel, because he knows that would be a lie. But in his skewed view just having the world “understand” Israel’s hard right nationalist outlook is a genuine achievement. Third, Bibi believes, with a straight face no doubt, that he’s done more for peace than Yitzhak Rabin. Don’t ask me how he determines this. I don’t recall any peace treaties he signed, any international agreements he initialed, all of which Rabin did. I suppose Bibi may mean that he kept Israel more secure than Rabin in terms of few terror attacks. But this is a cold peace, not a true peace. Rabin aimed for a true peace and didn’t get there because one of Bibi’s supporters assassinated him.

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