June 22, 2011

9/11 Truth, "Conspiracy Theories," And The Crisis of Communication

"We don't know when this madness will end but I do know that God is speaking. I have to believe that in my heart, and I have to know that God will use even this tragedy, to shake up the world." - Unknown. You can hear the words in this video made by OwlMedic from 1:22 - 1:54.
A psychological gap exists between the people who accept the truth that 9/11 was an inside job and the people who can not come to the same conclusion because it is too painful, depressing, and earth-shattering. I have made it my personal mission in life, along with thousands of other people, to bridge this psychological gap so that people see the 9/11 event from an entirely different perspective - from the innocent victims' point of view, not from the evil government conspirators' point of view.

Mankind's future is dependent on our understanding that 9/11 was a false flag event committed by a small faction of criminal traitors who control the governments of America., Israel, and England. These traitors will continue to commit criminal acts of state violence because they want to build a global garrison state to control people's freedom of movement and prevent a transnational revolution against the private banking occupation of America and the Western world.

As a result of the psychological divide between 9/11 truth tellers and 9/11 truth deniers there is a spiritual and emotional divide between people in modern Western culture. We have forgotten how to speak to each other. Instead of engaging in thoughtful discussions about politics people automatically use the words "cranks" "conspiracy theorists" and "racists" to smear anyone who disagrees with government narratives, especially liberals who should know better. The definitionof liberal is, "Not limited to or by established, traditional, orthodox, or authoritarian attitudes, views, or dogmas; free from bigotry."

Modern liberals have many ugly prejudices and intolerantly accuse government critics of being paranoid and racist. They degrade the work and views of a true hero, Ron Paul, by saying he supports corrupt banks on Wall Street, when in fact he is going after the one institution that enables Wall Street to steal trillions of dollars from the American people: the private, fraudulent, and foreign owned Federal Reserve Bank.

Liberals' hostility to criticism of the Federal Reserve and 9/11 truth is anti-liberal. I expect conservatives to religiously trust the voices of authority and unquestioningly accept what they say because conservatives like to go with the flow, but it is disappointing to see that liberals are matching conservatives' blind ignorance.

What all this means is that the categories of liberal and conservative are no longer relevant political terms. We have to communicate with each other and define each other with a whole new political perspective. Northop Frye said that there is "a built-in wisdom in the human mind, which is a part of its need to survive," (1). I think many of us are tapping into this built-in wisdom. It is something we must do because the prospect of a new world war threatens human survival and human civilization.

It is stupid to speak about a war between Western civilization and Islamic barbarism. Newsflash: none of us are civilized. Maybe the Swiss, but that's it. We in the West are not in a state of civilization and a state of freedom because there are demons of war running amok who are staging barbaric false flag events like 9/11 to further their corrupt agendas.

The demonic war establishment in Washington, Israel and England use the media to cast out truth-tellers out of polite society by demonizing them as cranks and conspiracy theorists. Telling the truth is poison to the arrogant ears of power. Authorities and power structures that justify their existence on lies need people to believe in the lies or else they will perish.

The U.S. war establishment should have been destroyed after the fall of Communism because it was no longer needed. But it gained so much power in the name of fighting the Soviet Union that it was able to use its academic, media, and government resources to invent a new enemy, terrorism, to keep itself alive on the backs of the American people.

On 9/11 the war establishment revealed its true wolfish nature, proving that it was no longer the protector of the American people. I doubt the war establishment was ever America's protector because America has been in the hands of private, foreign bankers ever since 1913.

The two points that need to be communicated to 9/11 truth deniers is that a free society and a war establishment cannot coexist, and that a war establishment needs to manufacture lies and myths to stay relevant in the lives of people. War makers like the neocons are natural enemies of peace, free speech, and justice. Either freedom survives, or Washington's satanic war establishment will end up destroying itself and in the process bring this world down.

The War on Terror is 3/5 a war on language and 2/5 a war on thought. Paul Craig Roberts writes in his latest article called 'Conspiracy Theory,' that language is used by the U.S. government to construct false narratives of history and take away the freedoms of the people. Roberts writes: "A country whose population has been trained to accept the government's word and to shun those who question it is a country without liberty in its future."

The reality that the truth about 9/11 reveals, which unnerves a lot of people, is that the social-political order is man made and artificial. The representatives of the war establishment said "Let There Be Terror," and there was terror on 9/11. They then said "Let There be WMDS," but their magic power failed them because no WMDs were found in Iraq. Now they are saying "Let There Be An Iranian Nuclear Bomb," to start a war with Iran and create a total war in the Middle East. Frye said: "The word comes first. The event follows," (2).

It is normal that people trust voices of authority in the West when they say 9/11 was done by Osama Bin Laden and Al-Qaeda who represent Islamic extremists. It is so counter to our humanity that government leaders would commit a breach of faith and trust out in the open. We expect danger from beyond the village, not from in-your-face traitors like George Bush, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Robert Gates, Dick Cheney, etc. Frye said that "we all live under a structure of authority in which there's a tendency to regard the following of that authority as good and a tendency to regard any effort to break out from it as evil. That is something that always turns out to be inadequate," (3).

Since 9/11 we have been thrown back into the state of nature. There is a historic crisis of communication and authority in America and the Western world. People are increasingly losing trust in figures of authority and their governments. We know we are on our own. The traitors in Washington and other Western capitals are conducting a covert war on the people and on freedom while spreading the illusion that they are fighting terrorism. Like primates, we have to learn how to communicate with each other all over again, beginning with how we understand and use words.

"Words," wrote Stuart Chase in his classic 1938 book The Tyranny of Words, "are active forces which give a measure of control over the environment--attract this, repulse that," (4). Words define reality. Conspiracy theorist is one of those words that immediately casts a negative spell on people and turns them into political and social outcasts. It is an anti-human act. The purpose is to direct public attention away from people who tell the truth about epochal events like 9/11 and the CIA's assassination of JFK which undermines the credibility and authority of Washington's war establishment.

The overuse of the word "conspiracy theory" to delegitimize truth-tellers is a modern example of word sorcery, and it was deliberately inserted into the popular lexicon by cultural propagandists in Washington to turn truth speech into blasphemous speech. "Blasphemy," said Chase, "ancient and modern, is a sin based primarily on word magic," (5).

Stuart Chase said that economic and social disorders had their roots in our poor use of language to relate to each other and describe reality. Chase:
I was trying to learn how to write, and found myself, for the first time in my life, learning how to read, how to listen, how to interpret language. I was looking for means to communicate ideas about correcting what seemed to me certain economic disorders, and I found that greater disorders were constantly arising from defective communication. (6).
It is a tragedy that seventy years after Chase wrote his book we as humans still haven't figured out how to listen to each other and be tolerant of one another's views. One person hears Alex Jones say that 9/11 was an inside job and calls him a kooky conspiracy theorist, while another person listens to him with an open mind and sees the truth as he does because it is so obvious. Sure, some people are more open-minded than others, but that doesn't get to the bottom of the crisis of communication.

William Cooper said in one of his lectures that a lot of people put up a mental wall of ignorance whenever the truth is spoken to them about the covert construction of a new world order and the destruction of human liberty. This wall must be broken down but it is hard because it is a psychological, invisible Berlin wall.

Exposing the modern manipulation of language to conceal the matrix of power, treachery, government lies, and systematic corruption is probably the biggest thing we can do to resolve the crisis of communication.

The government only has a monopoly on violence because the people believe that the government has a monopoly on truth. This undeserving monopoly can be abolished forever, and the mental Berlin wall will collapse upon itself, if enough of us tell the truth about the treason done on 9/11.


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