May 7, 2011

The Game of Treason: 9/11, State Terrorism, And The Betrayal of The People

By their example the neocons have taught mankind a lesson that we seem to forget every generation or so, which is that when good men are not vigilant and active in politics then evil men prosper and take over the state. Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, Paul Wolfowitz, Elliott Abrams, Richard Armitage, John Bolton, William Kristol, Karl Rove, and the rest of the neoconservative rats are the modern models of evil men. They showed a new generation how not to behave when blessed with public power, how not to cheat and rob when entrusted with the public purse, and how not to lie when given the public ear. For this I thank them. I still hate them, and I will celebrate the day they die, but I am not ungrateful for what they have done. Not all of it is bad. I believe all historical actions have both good and bad consequences. The bad consequences are immediate and obvious, but few perceive the good because they don't want to give any credit to evildoers.

I think we should have a more nuanced view of history and of men who make history because both good and evil exist side by side in this world. The forces of light and dark both serve a purpose in life and in history. One side is not understandable and realizable without the other. The dark side of America is enabling the good side of America to rise from a long sleep and strive for a rebirth of freedom. Eastern philosophy and the British philosopher Alan Watts taught me to understand the contradictions of human nature and not be so mad at the traitors and tyrants of this world. Without them, what would the meaning of a patriot and a truth-teller be? That's why I want to acknowledge the war-making traitors in Washington and not completely disown them from mankind. Is this a wrong view to take? I want to get at the truth, no matter if the conclusions are different from what I originally thought.

No rational and enlightened person can deny that 9/11 was an evil act of state that demonstrated the true extent of the corruption of the U.S. empire. But it was also a wake up call and a warning sign that the American republic and human liberty in general was in dire danger. If 9/11 never happened then the American/global political awakening movement would not be as successful as it is today, which has reached the point where the termination of the treasonous private Federal Reserve Bank is a real historical possibility. Could millions of people have learned about the anti-human and anti-American private banking cartel that runs America if they did not first learn the ugly truth about 9/11 and false-flag terrorism? I would not have known about the epic treason of the Fed if I first didn't find out that 9/11 was done by the Bush administration.

Because of 9/11 there is an American and global political awakening and because of this mass awakening there is real talk of a new and wide-reaching revolution against the private Western banking cartel and anti-democratic power elite. Real change is no longer in the realm of dreams. The entire Western ruling class is on notice. The fact that they are complicit in covering up an act of mass murder by the United States government is all the indication the people need that something is seriously wrong in American and Western society and in need of serious repair. All healthy societies strive towards balance. Extremes in wealth and power are unsustainable and unwise.


It was inevitable that the ideological hijackers of the U.S. empire who were focused on American hegemony after the Soviet Union collapsed would commit state terrorism against the American people. The American people were not interested in global domination so in order for them to support new wars they had to be given a false story that evoked honest feelings of patriotism and revenge.

The false flag 9/11 attacks can be seen as a historical climax in a treasonous and deceptive plot that was written by the neocons and others in the evil U.S. shadow state. Of course, even bigger historical climaxes are around the corner because the tactic of government terror has not been rejected by the Obama administration and the higher handlers behind Obama. These devils have great ambitions and they are not about to forfeit the game of treason and deception. Traitors don't quit, they are hanged.

Once a group of men taste a little bit of power they can't stop until they are consumed by total power and cause total devastation. Cheney, Wolfowitz, Rumsfeld and the rest of the neocons tasted some power in the Ford and the Bush I administration but they were hungry for more. And their appearance in history is not any kind of deviation from the norm. The neocons represented the most extreme end of the power elite in Washington, they were considered the crazies, but they were still part of the power elite and acted out their most evil impulses and greedy ambitions. The neocons were the black sheep in Washington, but they were not disowned and betrayed because 9/11 and the war on terror was useful for others in the establishment as well.

French writer Albert Camus said, "little changes in this world." The struggle for power between elites and the people never seems to end. The people are constantly betrayed by false and greedy leaders. "Greek historians tell us," wrote Camus, "that when the aristocrats in certain Hellenic cities took up their posts, they were required to swear an oath always to blacken the name of the people. This two-thousand-year-old principle relied on methods that Quinet described and that we are witnessing in operation today." (Camus: Camus at Combat; pg. 145).

American journalist I.F. Stone wrote in his book "The Trial of Socrates" that Socrates was put on trial in Athens for the things he said partly because of his reputation as being anti-democrat and pro-oligarchy. Stone said that the biggest and most important difference in opinion between Socrates and Athens was that Socrates "and his disciples saw the human community as a herd that had to be ruled by a king or kings, as sheep by a shepherd. The Athenians, on the other hand, believed--as Aristotle later said--that man was "a political animal," endowed unlike the other animals with logos, or reason, and thus capable of distinguishing good from evil and of governing himself in a polis. That was no trivial difference." (Stone: The Trial of Socrates; pg. 38).

The neocons sided with Plato and Socrates rather than the Athenians. They have no respect for the American people and believe they should be herded around and governed by the force of a powerful government. The neocons and other forces in the U.S. shadow state thought nothing of slaughtering almost 3,000 Americans on September 11, 2001 because they believe that sheep deserve to be slaughtered if their deaths serve a greater purpose. All players who play the game of treason wish the people ill and betray them at every opportunity.

Revolutionary oligarchs who acquire total power and hate the people will use their power to kill the people and use force to bring them under their control. And sometimes the reverse happens. I'm interested in breaking the cycle of class violence, and political violence.

In his correspondence with Albert Einstein in the early 1930s about why there is war and violence on this planet, Sigmund Freud said that there are two kinds of human instincts, "those that conserve and unify, which we call "erotic" (in the meaning Plato gives to Eros in his Symposium)," and, "the instincts to destroy and kill, which we assimilate as the aggressive or destructive instincts." It is clear that the neocons possess the death instinct. They justified a criminal and imperial war on the blood of innocent Americans whom they killed. And they also committed another sin by falsely accusing the fairy tale enemies Osama Bin Laden and Al-Qaeda of the mega crime.

The neocons have shown America what evil men do and what evil men say, and to what extremes evil men go to in order to fulfill their big and treasonous ambitions. Their bestiality and barbaric nature, along with the leaders of Israel like Ehud Barak who also had a big hand in 9/11, is not in question for any serious observer. What needs to be answered is the larger question of why. Why make war? Why not make peace? Why be so evil and cruel and filthy? Why lack so much empathy? Why are men like Dick Cheney and Ehud Barak so full of hate and greed?

And of course, why do the people tolerate these kind of men to speak for civilization and for the values that we all cherish? John F. Kennedy and Martin Luther King Jr. made it their mission on this earth to create peace and teach men to love instead of fear and hate each other. They got killed, and the people bought the story of their deaths without question. Why did they? Why not question? It is because of the lack of questioning that America has fallen to a depth so low since the death of those two men. The current usurpers in Washington are the complete opposite of what Kennedy and King stood for. Obama is the anti-King, and Bush is the anti-Kennedy.

Imagine how prosperous, free, and great America would be if patriots led America instead of traitors and tyrants who don't want to quit the game of war. Imagine if President John F. Kennedy was not murdered by the CIA, and was succeeded by President Martin Luther King Jr after he stepped down. They could have transformed America and the world in ten years. Who would not want to live in that universe? Instead, America has had heartless machine-men and robotic presidents in the last forty-eight years who have acted against the interests of the American people and the interests of humankind.

Ever since 9/11 the policies of the U.S. shadow government have destroyed America and turned it into the ultimate global death machine that is on life support and at the mercy of global banking oligarchs. Martin Luther King Jr. prophesied spiritual death for America if it continued to wage evil wars, and history has proven him right.

Can the American people, and the Iraqi and Afghan people ever forgive the evil that the neocons, Bush, and Obama have committed in the name of America? American author Lewis B. Smedes said that, "When we forgive evil we do not excuse it, we do not tolerate it, we do not smother it. We look the evil full in the face, call it what it is, let its horror shock and stun and enrage us, and only then do we forgive it.”

When evil is committed on such an epic scale it is hard to forgive the perpetrators and traitors. Alexander Pope wrote, "To err is human; to forgive is divine." A. S. Kline, the British poet, writes, "All evil is irreparable, events cannot be altered: neither in their consequences nor in their essence, and only the victim has the right to forgive."

I think it is best to form a definite opinion on the question of forgiveness and justice after a period of dialogue about 9/11, and the mega crimes in the war on terror. The question of complicity and guilt also needs to be answered. How responsible is the media? Who knew, and who was simply blind and in denial?

If more evil is done, if another false flag terrorist attack is committed by the imperialist hijackers of the United States government, and if another world war is started then I don't see how the world can be made right if strict justice is not done.

I don't believe in forgiveness. I believe in vengeance. I believe in following the rule of law, and that those who are most responsible for 9/11 and the war on terror must be punished. There can be no reconciliation if the tyrants and war criminals behind 9/11 and the war on terror are not hanged. This is not an extremist view, but a common sense conclusion. I believe it is the logical conclusion, but I also believe that there should be a dialogue and a debate on these issues. And the sooner the better.