May 5, 2011

Dr. Steve R. Pieczenik Says America Needs A Second American Revolution

American Patriot Dr. Steve Pieczenik Says The War On Terror Is A Fraud, And Bin Laden Died Long Before May 1st, 2011

Dr. Steve Pieczenik Tells The U.S. Shadow State: "Cease And Desist" Acts of State Terrorism And Acts of Deception

America needs a new peaceful revolution says Dr. Steve Pieczenik, a former Deputy Assistant Secretary of State, and a serious expert in the hidden world of government psyops. He made the statement on the Alex Jones show on May 5, 2011. Listen to the interview: Part 1, and Part 2. He also made similar comments on the show on May 3 and May 4.

Pieczenik has served in a number of republican and democratic administrations, and frequently provided his expertise in counter-terrorism, regime change, and psychological warfare to help secure American power in East Asia, the Middle East, South America, and other parts of the world. His legend is so big that the Tom Clancy character "Jack Ryan" is based on him.

He is now using his experience and knowledge to help the American people get rid of the state terrorists and government liars in Washington's political/banking/war establishment. This deceptive and secretive establishment killed nearly 3,000 Americans on September 11, 2001, and then shipped off many more Americans to their untimely deaths in a criminal and fraudulent war on terrorism that was artificially created based on lies and deception, and should have never been started.

Pieczenik has appeared on the Alex Jones show all throughout this week, exposing the politically staged announcement of Osama Bin Laden's death, and calling 9/11 a false flag operation that was secretly conducted by Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, Condoleezza Rice, Richard Myers, George Bush, Paul Wolfowitz, Richard Perle, and other members of the Bush administration. Pieczenik says that a military general who served under Wolfowitz told him that 9/11 was a false flag, and that he will reveal more information in court once Bush administration officials are charged with war crimes, state terrorism, and crimes against humanity.

Pieczenik also says that Leon Panetta, Admiral Mullen, Barack Obama, and Hillary Clinton are incompetent, narcissistic, and pathological liars who are not qualified to lead America. He says Obama used deception and trickery to get elected and has continued to use these methods against the American people while serving as President.

On May 5, 2011, Pieczenik went on the Alex Jones show and warned President Obama and his inner circle as well as the U.S. intelligence community to quit lying to the American people and terrorizing the nation with fear for their own political gain. "Beware of what you do," said Pieczenik, "you will be held accountable, the American public will hold you accountable. There are myself and others who understand exactly who you are, what you are doing. Do not mess with the American public, and that's my warning." Pieczenik added: "As an American, do not play with America's security, freedom, and the right to protest."

The sociopaths who have hijacked the White House, Pentagon, and the CIA will not heed Pieczenik's warning. They are fully committed to destroying America from top to bottom and implementing a new global political structure to take the place of America's constitutional republic. These megalomaniac madmen are unresponsive to the voice of the American people. The ideas of freedom and democratic consent have been totally rejected by the traitors in the top echelon of the U.S. political establishment.

But hijacking a country and destroying it are two completely different tasks. It is easy to hoodwink the people, but can the tyrants in Washington take away their freedoms and be sure that all the people will surrender to their evil and dictatorial designs for America, and indeed, for all of mankind? Victory for the tyrants is not a guaranteed outcome. Setting up a global dictatorship on the ruins of a popular and beloved republic that already has a beautifully written constitution is a difficult task. They won't be able to declare martial law in America, and live. All tyrants fall. This is the message that Pieczenik is sending to the loose mental patients in the White House, and those from the George W. Bush administration who are still hanging around the ward.

When the U.S. government went crazy on September 11, 2001, a lot of people believed that Bush was telling the truth, but he is now seen as one of the biggest liars in human history. Obama will face the same verdict from the American people, and the verdict from history. The American people can only handle a little crazy from their political leaders. A tipping point has been reached. If the bastards kill more innocent citizens in another 9/11, it will backfire severely. All hell will explode on them.

I will intensify my peaceful efforts to help bring down the tyrants if they pull off another 9/11 anywhere in America, or Canada, or England, or wherever. I will protest in front of the U.S. embassy and the Ontario parliament here in Toronto day and night if there is another false flag terrorist attack. I have often thought about protesting in the streets but so far I have been too cowardly and too weak to act. But, in the event of another government orchestrated attack on our fellow citizens and human beings, I will shed my fear and protest against the U.S. and Canadian governments with all my power. I cannot sit by and do nothing if more innocent people are murdered by the evil tyrants who control our governments.

It is scary to admit that we are living in a global state of emergency but it is true and this fact has to be faced. Society in America, Canada, England, and the West is not governed by the rule of law but controlled by barbaric tyrants, social engineers, and pathological liars. The criminal war on terrorism has been used to take away citizen rights and make the people bow before a global technofascist police state like it is a new God.

I sense the urgency in Dr. Pieczenik's voice. "If they pull another false flag we're gonna have a revolution in America," he told Paul Joseph Watson, who filled in for Alex Jones. I feel the same way. If the state terrorists think they can get away with the murder of more innocent people then they are mistaken. Who do they think the people are? Just a bunch of sheep and flies who pose no threat to them? Have these freaks and tyrants lost all contact with reality? Don't they know that not all of the people are sheep? Many of us believe in truth and honor and sacrifice and freedom. Not all of us will accept a life of slavery, and a political culture of treason and deception, and we will make our voices heard before the night is through.