May 13, 2011

America: A State of Terror

On Tuesday, May 10, 2011, New York City officials introduced a new national alert system called the Personal Localized Alert Network (PLAN) that will transmit government messages and terror alerts directly to people's cell phones during a state of emergency. CBS reported that, "By the end of the year, the new system will be in place in New York City and Washington and in cities around the country by the end of 2012."

On the surface this new system appears to be an upgrade of current government and commercial communication networks that will prove useful in the event of a civil emergency or a major terrorist attack. But it would be foolish to pay attention to the surface of reality, and forget the history of how governments exploit public fears and states of crisis to acquire unlawful government powers, and how authoritarian political leaders like to invent excuses to scare the people into submitting to their evil will and corrupt demands.

New government powers and new laws which are draconian in nature are always presented to the people as instruments of public security. It is only later that the people wake up and realize that they were manipulated and led like sheep into the abyss of despotism.

In America the blinding dark lights of despotism could be seen decades ago, but only a few saw them and they were ignored and belittled as insane conspiracy theorists. The trick still works today, but not with all the people. William Cooper stared despotism in the face on September 11, 2011 when he correctly called the attacks an act of state terrorism and an act of war against the American people by the tricksters behind the new world order. Alex Jones also stared despotism in the face, and he has been successful at raising the sirens, alerting the American people and the rest of mankind to the dangers of U.S. state terror and global despotism.

Voices of resistance transform history, and help societies recover lost freedoms. All we have is our voice so we have to use it with determination. Those who don't speak up about 9/11 and the high treason that is taking place will regret it later. The most powerful and peaceful means we have to resist tyranny and state evil are words. We must speak and write boldly. The enemies of public liberty and public peace who have taken over the U.S. government and the governments of other Western countries must know that we exist and that we are defiant. We have to look the tyrants in the eyes and tell them: You will not win, and you will be hanged when this mad dream is all over.

"The language of free men is the language of clarity," wrote French author and journalist Albert Camus. We lose our humanity by not calling the 9/11 attacks an act of government evil and state terror. When journalists don't expose obvious government falsehoods to the public it represents a failure of intellect and courage. Government is never to be trusted.

Political leaders who lie so brazenly about mass murder and state atrocities believe that they can get away with their crimes, but they're always proven wrong. It is politically helpful in the short-term to practice the politics of fear instead of the politics of trust but a time comes when enough people get sick of the lies and overthrow their law-breaking leaders.

If the United States government was not waging a full-scale war against its own people, if it wasn't responsible for staging terrorist attacks, including 9/11, and recruiting mentally deranged individuals to plant bombs at designated sites to create an atmosphere of fear and mass hysteria, then I would support all government measures that are designed to protect people and provide reassurance during a state of crisis. But anyone who is not dumb or willfully blind knows that the terrorists and murderers responsible for the 9/11 attacks are sitting at their desks in Washington, planning bigger attacks against the American people. They are setting up a trap for the American people, and dangling a sword over the throat of America while getting prepared to cut it off to pave the way for a global technofascist government.

The political, financial and media elites of America and the West are selling a despotic police state, a mass surveillance society, and the end of individual rights by manufacturing and creating the threat of terrorism but the real problem is the fact that the masses are obsolete according to them. The authoritarian establishment also need a high-tech police state to crush the people who resist being robbed and enslaved by them. There is an evil logic at work here, one that only perverse minds can support and carry out its conclusions.

Most people will accept government intrusion into their lives in the name of defending them from terrorist attacks, but the ones who plan on resisting tyranny are being framed as "homegrown terrorists" and "domestic extremists." They will eventually be killed, and the people, no matter if they are left or right, will probably cheer every time one of them dies, and even get angry at them if they fight back. Such people want to subconsciously stay asleep and believe that the U.S. government wouldn't dare kill its own people, regardless of mountains of evidence to the contrary.

Waking up to the fact that the world has been turned upside down is a painful experience, but at least you know you're spiritually and mentally alive and awake. Knowing that a coup d'├ętat took place in America by a group of plutocratic criminals who overturned the constitutional republic, staged 9/11, and want to crash America into the ground and control what's left of it is the type of knowledge that puts a huge burden on your soul and mind. But what choice do we have? I can't with good conscience disbelieve the facts and ignore all the evidence that America and other Western countries are being raped and enslaved by criminal banks, globalist technocrats,
mercenary goons, intelligence forces, and authoritarian politicians who are using the ancient tactics of government terror and fear to set up a new dictatorial global government to solidify their power and control over the world.

If you want order and security, you will get it in heavy doses under the twisted world order that the tyrants in Washington and London are covertly establishing, but it will be a false order and a false sense of security. You will also get government orchestrated terrorist attacks once in a while to remind you of the fact that you are safe because of the government's grip on your life. But your every move will be tracked and decoded for this special service. Justice won't exist. The law will be dead. Evil men will rule over you. And your life will be in their hands. As it is now. The only difference is that we still have a chance to stop them if we expose their lies and educate the public about state terrorism and the fraudulent war on terror.

Once you stare the enemies of mankind and human liberty in the face, fully recognizing their evil nature, and don't look away, then you are in the position to stop them from murdering innocent human beings and turning the people into slaves. Staying in a state of denial about government evil and deep corruption in government leads to an eventual disaster. Being totally aware of government evil and state terrorism is the first and biggest step towards becoming free and reclaiming every individual's God-given rights.