December 6, 2010

Defend Julian Assange and WikiLeaks

The release of secret U.S. diplomatic cables by WikiLeaks last week has caused the further unraveling of certain psychopathic public officials within Washington who most represent and defend the barbaric, evil, and criminal United States government. If you think it is far-fetched and crazy to use language like "psychopathic" and "barbaric" and "evil" to describe the United States government and some if its highest officials like Defense Secretary Robert Gates and Senator Joseph Lieberman then you have not dug deep enough for the truth.

Evil should not be a foreign concept. It is not out there - in the hearts of those evil Islamic terrorists, or behind us, in the cold graves of Nazis, but around us, and above us, in the United States empire, and its manufactured and criminal global war on terror. Evil is part of human nature, and it exists in every society. It crept up in governments in Europe and other countries in the 20th century, and it crept up in the United States as well. Germany's evil government was recognized as evil by the rest of the world and got destroyed, and Russia's evil government collapsed, but that has not happened to America's evil government - yet.

For the most part the evil nature of the American government has escaped the attention of the American people. Those who saw Bush as evil were only half-right, and the same is true for those who see Obama as evil; if only both camps got together and agreed with each other that the entire two-party establishment is evil.

One of the reasons why so many people failed to see Washington's policies as evil - until relatively recently - is because the government tricksters in the US National Security State have been way more skillful and cunning than the propagandists who worked in Nazi Germany, or the Soviet Union. The reason for the difference is simple. The war savages who control the American government have had more time to perfect the evil craft of propaganda and social engineering. Another reason is less public scrutiny because of the lack of public knowledge.

Although it took a long time, the American people are finally beginning to see that their government is controlled by evil men. The change in perspective is due from the fact that there is a massive political awakening happening in America, and the rest of the world. That it took many decades to recognize evil as evil in America is not all that shocking. The institution of slavery was just as evil in 1790 as it was in 1860, but it took a long struggle before it was recognized as evil by the majority of the people. Heroes like William Lloyd Garrison and Harriet Tubman toiled for many years to raise their country's conscious understanding that something had to be done to get rid of slavery, and make America whole.

In our time the examples of evil include government lies like "we know that Saddam has WMDs" and government false-flag attacks like 9/11 which cause people to hate and fear and demand war when in reality there is no good reason to go to war.

Government secrecy in the United States is evil because it allows U.S. policymakers and leaders to cheat, and lie, and invade innocent countries without the world's full understanding. Arthur Silber cautions us to see "evil for what it is, we must identify evil as evil."

Once we gain the understanding that the United States government is controlled by evil men who are steering it for evil purposes, its totalitarian attacks against WikiLeaks and Julian Assange become less surprising. But their shameless and arrogant attacks are not having an effect. Washington's impotence and moral bankruptcy is all too clear.

A government that has slaughtered at least a hundred thousand people in a war that was based on lies is indefensible. It does not deserve any respect or consideration from human beings whatsoever. The current regime in America, represented by both political parties, the Federal Reserve, the National Security State, Wall Street, and the military-industrial-congressional complex, is totally illegitimate and belongs in the dustbin of history.

No sane and knowledgeable mind can defend Washington today. The highest U.S. government officials, starting from the President, the old one and the new one, the republican and the democrat, have committed crimes against humanity since the beginning of the War on Terror, and even before then. This is an undeniable fact, and it must serve as the backdrop of any criticism of WikiLeaks.

Releasing secrets from inside a lawless and repressive government is the greatest good a human being can do in our time. It is the right thing to do. It is the heroic thing to do. In a different era, if the American government was under sane and lawful management, releasing secret documents to the press would indeed be a serious offense against the common good of the nation, and against the dedicated individuals who serve the government. But when the government is run by tyrants and traitors, when it starts false wars, and kills innocent people, it must be defied, not deified.

If you doubt that the U.S. government is run by traitors and tyrants, future events will surely make you believe otherwise. The unraveling of the American empire has begun, and will accelerate. But if you don't want to wait until the day of judgment, you can go through on your own time a mountain of facts that proves Washington is indeed run by traitors, and tyrants. You should start with the most explosive fact: the American people and the world was lied to about the September 11 attacks.

The fact that 9/11 was done by cunning officials within the United States government sounds too crazy, and too scary to be true, but, sadly, it is only too true. It is too true that a lot of U.S. leaders lie to the American people, and betray their trust. It is too true that American, Canadian, Australian, and other coalition troops are used like guinea pigs, made to fight evil wars. It is too true that Mankind never learns from history, and tragically repeats it. It is too true that I and others are convinced that 9/11 was an inside job because we have done hours of research, and looked at the evidence with an open mind, not because we are crazy and paranoid. When somebody says "where is your evidence that 9/11 was an inside job" all I hear is "where is your evidence that Santa Claus is not real," and "where is your evidence that wrestling is fake."

Standing up to these tyrants and traitors is every person's duty. And anybody courageous enough to defy the treasonous United States government in a strong and public way and gets attacked for doing it must be defended. We must not buy into smear campaigns against individuals who stand up and shame government killers and liars. Julian Assange is innocent until he is proven guilty: that much the world public opinion owes him.

If you have already judged Assange's character then you are wrong. He is due his day in court. American journalist Edward R. Murrow said: "We must remember always that accusation is not proof and that conviction depends upon evidence and due process of law." We must keep this truth in mind for now and forever, but especially now, when an honorable and honest individual like Julian Assange is being falsely accused of crimes by Western governments and the mainstream media for the simple act of truth-telling.

I am happy to see that many journalists are not timid about their support for Julian Assange, and WikiLeaks for its much-needed work. At salon Dan Gillmor writes that journalists must defend WikiLeaks because their profession is on the line:
Media organizations with even half a clue need to recognize what is at stake at this point. It's more than immediate self-interest, namely their own ability to do their jobs. It's about the much more important result if they can't. If journalism can routinely be shut down the way the government wants to do this time, we'll have thrown out free speech in this lawless frenzy.
The Atlantic's David Samuels calls out the hypocrisy of the United States government, comparing its response to WikiLeaks to the Chinese Communist Party:
Wikileaks is a powerful new way for reporters and human rights advocates to leverage global information technology systems to break the heavy veil of government and corporate secrecy that is slowly suffocating the American press. The likely arrest of Assange in Britain on dubious Swedish sex crimes charges has nothing to do with the importance of the system he has built, and which the US government seems intent on destroying with tactics more appropriate to the Communist Party of China
Glenn Greenwald has been the most forceful and vigilant defender of WikiLeaks. In his latest article "The lawless Wild West attacks WikiLeaks" he writes that tyranny is triumphant when it is allowed to suppress and crush loud critics outside of the law:
People often have a hard time believing that the terms "authoritarian" and "tyranny" apply to their own government, but that's because those who meekly stay in line and remain unthreatening are never targeted by such forces. The face of authoritarianism and tyranny reveals itself with how it responds to those who meaningfully dissent from and effectively challenge its authority: do they act within the law or solely through the use of unconstrained force?
The assault on Assange's character was expected. The tactic of character assassination is routine in the American media. Examples are not hard to find. Those who raise questions about the official 9/11 story are marginalized as "fringe crazies" and "conspiracy theorists." If you spoke out against the Patriot Act in 2001 you were called unpatriotic. News broadcasters who didn't cheer for the Iraq War in its beginning act were fired, and replaced with pro-war voices. In all of these cases it was so-called journalists and reporters who contaminated the public mind with government lies, like the lie that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction.

The attacks against Assange and other fire-breathing hell-raisers must be called out for what it is, and resisted. Only tyrannical governments mercilessly pounce upon reformers like Assange. Some officials in the United States government, and one official in the Canadian government, have even called for the assaination of Assange. We cannot be silent in these circumstances. The threat against Assange and WikiLeaks is all too real. The death of one global truth-teller means the death of us all.

Could Assange be killed by the United States government? Pentagon whistleblower Daniel Ellsberg thinks it is very possible. We have two reasons in particular to be worried that Assange could get assassinated by the United States government if WikiLeaks is not taken care off by other means, and those two reasons are the assassinations of John F. Kennedy, and Martin Luther King Jr. Despite what you may have been taught, both of these brave men were killed by officials within the United States government, and it is provable in court.

Read "JFK: What We Know Now" by James Fetzer, Professor Emeritus, University of Minnesota, for the facts that point to a deep-seated government conspiracy behind the murder of JFK; Watch attorney and author William Pepper's lecture "An Act of State: The Execution of Martin Luther King" to know the real facts that are never ever discussed by the American media in regards to King's assassination. Pepper wrote a book with the same title. In 1999, he represented the King Family in a Memphis courtroom, and successfully proved the innocence of James Earl Ray, the alleged killer of MLK, in front of a jury. Go to this site to read the transcript of the Martin Luther King Jr. conspiracy trial, and the press statements made by members of the King Family and by Pepper after the verdict by the jury that government agencies and officials were behind King's death.

The "trial of the century" as it has been called by some was not covered by the New York Times, the Washington Post, CNN, Time Magazine. If you are trapped in the false consciousness that is produced and reinforced daily by the establishment media, the trial never happened. It is not a historical fact because the past is controlled, and censored in Orwellian America.

Here is a quote from Pepper after the 30-day trial was done:
"Because he took on those forces, powerful economic forces that dominated politics in this land, they killed him. He was killed because he could not be stopped. He was killed because they feared that half a million people would rise in revolution in the capitol of this country, and do what Mr. Jefferson said needed to be done every 20 years, to cleanse this land. This land has not been cleansed. This nation has not faced the problems that Martin Luther King, Jr. died trying to face and confront. They still exist today, the forces of evil, the powerful economic forces that dominate the government of this land and make money on war and deprive the poor of what is their right, their birthright. They still abound and they rule."
What Pepper said eleven years ago, about how the war machine crippled America's growth and silenced one of its most compassionate rebels, resonates even more today, when America is fighting a criminal and barbaric war on terror that is based on a total lie, but is regarded by many as the holy truth.

Pepper's words are so critically important, and must be read by all citizens in America, and around the world. Pepper's book proves that the killing of Martin Luther King Jr. was not a freak accident. King made a big impact in American society when he began to oppose the Vietnam War, and the Washington War Machine. Pepper, who became a close friend of King's a year before his death, said that King wanted to run for President on an anti-war platform and change America. Clearly, the tyrants in Washington were not amused. They did what all tyrants do when a genuine revolutionary seeks to change their cruel and unjust system: they got rid of him.

The same system in Washington now wants to get rid of Julian Assange, and destroy WikiLeaks. They probably want to get rid of Alex Jones, and Ron Paul, and anybody else that is prominent and revolutionary.

Assange's only defense is a knowledgeable and courageous global civil society that is willing to stand beside him, and defend him against the tyrannical traitors who have seized Washington. We must guard his life and his reputation. If he is murdered, it won't be the end of WikiLeaks, or whistle-blowing in the Internet age, but it will be a major setback. Others will be afraid to step up, and take on the arrogant war criminals in Washington.

By assassinating political opponents a dangerous precedent will be set for the rest of us: Anyone who dare challenges the high-level traitors in Washington and their evil policies will be murdered. Such a precedent was made before, in 1963, and then in 1968, but those two events were not understood by the American people at that time because government and media propaganda made people believe the official story. This time, however, it is different. The American people, and people around the world, are awake to the political reality that Washington was hijacked by evil traitors. In the event of an assassination of Assange or of any other outspoken figure that challenges the traitors and war criminals in Washington, the international community will know full well who did it, and take action accordingly.