November 7, 2010

When Will U.S. Leaders Confess To The American People That America Carries Out False-Flag Attacks As Part of Its Foreign Policy?

When Will U.S. Leaders Confess To The American People That America Carries Out False-Flag Attacks As Part of Its Foreign Policy?

Saman Mohammadi
The Excavator
November 7, 2010

In September of this year, a retired Turkish general named Sabri Yirmibeshoglu admitted on Turkish television that the Turkish government carried out false-flag attacks on the island of Cyprus in the 1960s in order to instill feelings of hatred and revenge in Turkish Cypriots against the Cyprus government. The false-flag operations successfully destabilized the island, and helped Turkey's military objectives.

Yirmibeshoglu's admission was significant, as he was the former Secretary-General of the National Security Council (MGK), and the chief of Turkey's Special Warfare Department. For more details read Elias Hazou's report, which was filed on September 24, 2010 for the Cyprus Mail:
Created in 1953 as part of the Turkish secret service, the Special Warfare Department is believed by commentators in Turkey to be the executive branch of the so-called ‘deep state.’

“In order to increase the resistance of the people, you carry out sabotage against certain values, in order to create the impression that it is the enemy who did it. In Cyprus, we had torched a mosque,” Yirmibe?o?lu said in an interview while describing methods used in unconventional warfare. (Turkey carried out false-flag attacks in Cyprus in 1960s, says Turkish General, Elias Hazou, Cyrpus Mail; Sept. 24, 2010).

Yirmibeshoglu was named by Ahmet Özal as one of the suspects involved in the assassination attempt of his father, Turgut Özal, in 1988. Özal later died in in 1993 due to a heart attack, but his family asserts that he was killed as a result of a poison injection by the same individuals within the Turkish deep-state who failed to kill him in 1988. Özal served as Turkey's Prime Minister from 1983 to 1989, and as President from 1989 to 1993.

An article published in
Istanbul's Today's Zaman on September 30, 2010 called "Özal’s death should also be investigated, says Ahmet Özal," has the details on this intriguing drama which shares many comparisons with the assassinations of American leaders in the 1960s, specifically John F. Kennedy and Martin Luther King Jr. An excerpt from the article:
Özal said his father was killed because he had resolved to find a peaceful and democratic solution to the Kurdish question. He said deep state elements, which were said to be Ergenekon by some and JİTEM by others, worked hard to destroy peace in Turkey in 1993, a year filled with politically motivated assassinations and suspicious deaths of important public, military and political figures.

He claimed that the car that took his father to the hospital took an unnecessary detour and wasted half an hour. He also said he was not taken in an ambulance but in a car because the doctor and the ambulance of the Çankaya presidential palace were suspiciously unavailable that day. “These things have to be investigated,” he said.

Korkut Özal, the brother of the former President, echoes his nephew's allegations in an upcoming book, writing; "If this incident [Özal’s death] is investigated, it will be a scandal similar to Watergate, which led to the resignation of US President [Richard] Nixon,” as reported on Today's Zaman on October 21, 2010.

If you've read this far you're probably wondering what my title has to do with a confession by a top former Turkish general that Turkey's government executed false-flag operations to promote its military interests in Cyprus, and allegations that Turkey's former President was assassinated by key members of the Turkish establishment in 1993. Well, there's a connection. Turkey is not unique. Can the American establishment assassinate peace-minded leaders? Yes. It. Can. And, Yes. It. Has. Can the American establishment carry out false-flag attacks abroad, and at home? Yes. It. Can. And, Yes. It. Has.

In fact, America's secret state orchestrated false-flag events and executed bombing campaigns inside Turkey, and other nations during the Cold War and blamed them on communists and leftist leaders in order to produce a sense of fear and helplessness in their populations. Daniele Ganser's deep research into this scandalous activity, which was done by a network of stay-behind armies organized by NATO, led him to write a book called "NATO's Secret Armies: Operation GLADIO and Terrorism in Western Europe." To know more, read some of Ganser's findings at this link.

NATO's secret terrorists were of great help to the U.S. establishment. Prior to the military coup d'état in Turkey on September 12, 1980, the CIA and NATO in cooperation with the Turkish military funded and trained secret groups to carry out false-flag attacks and terrorism with the purpose to undermine civil society, and create the condition in which a military takeover would be feasible. It's known as the strategy of tension, and it is considered standard operation procedure by military/deep-state insiders in America, Turkey, Israel, England, and other countries in the world that are dominated by anti-democratic interests. Since the end of World War Two, Western democratic governments have fallen prey to the powerful individuals who operate secretly against the public interests inside the deep-state apparatus of each nation.

According to professor Peter Dale Scott, the attack on the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001 was part of a long series of "deep events" in America. Scott:
However to call 9/11 a coup d’état exaggerates the difference between the current weakened condition of the public state, and the prior state of affairs that has been building for years, indeed for decades, towards just such a dénouement. For half a century the constitution and laws of the open or public state have been first evaded, then eroded, then increasingly challenged and subverted, by the forces of the deep state. I wish to suggest that this erosion has been achieved in part through a series of important deep events in post-war American history – events aspects of which (it is clear from the outset) will be ignored or suppressed in the mainstream media.

Recent history has seen a number of such events, such as the assassination of John F. Kennedy, that are so inexplicable by the public notions of American politics that most Americans tend not even to think of them. Instead most accept the official surface explanations for them, even if they suspect these are not true. Or if others say they believe that "Oswald acted alone," they may do so in the same comforting but irrational state of mind that believes God will reward the righteous and punish the wicked.

The nature of the deep-state is such that not everybody in the government knows what is going on behind the scenes. Military officials and public representatives who are part of the deep-state are unlikely to confess to the press and the public about their involvement and knowledge, as they would be admitting to committing high treason, and great crimes. Their confession would be followed by their hanging, basically.

Some government officials, like Sen. Patrick Leahy, and Rep. Dennis
Kucinich, have called for a truth and reconciliation commission to fully investigate the government's secret torture programs, illegal surveillance, and the questions surrounding the Sept.11 events. Aside from a few crickets, nobody in the media has made any noise about the suggestion to set up some type of truth commission in the United States.

Instead of the truth about 9/11 and the deep-state getting filtered through mainstream sources, or the alternative media, it is grassroots organizations like
the International Center for 9/11 Studies and anti-establishment media outlets like the Alex Jones show and Coast to Coast AM that are exposing the war criminals and informing the public about the dark corruption.

Obviously, the current order of things cannot last. A reckoning is awaiting the world. The criminal and fraudulent global war on terrorism can only end once the governments of America, Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran, Pakistan, Turkey, Israel, Palestine, and other governments in the Middle East and around the world get together and come up with a fair and just solution to fix t
he mayhem that was unleashed by the deep-state terrorists who dominate Washington through state secrecy laws, and control over the media.

Let's pray that there are brave and wise military and government leaders in the United States who have a handle on the historical situation, and who see the grave consequences of attacking Iran, which would trigger a large-scale war in the Middle East, and result in the deaths of innumerable people. Let's pray that they do the right thing, and help restore a strong, free, and truthful America.