October 27, 2010

Alex Jones speech at Cocoanut Grove in Santa Cruz California

Alex Jones gives a riveting speech at Cocoanut Grove in Santa Cruz, California on Sunday October 24, 2010.

The Global Awakening - Alex Jones speech from Santa Cruz, CA - Full Length.

Update - December 30, 2010:

The video above of Alex Jones's speech at Cocoanut Grove in Santa Cruz, California on Sunday October 24, 2010 was posted on YouTube on December 18, 2010 by TheInfoWarrior. It is the highest quality and full-length version of what is undoubtedly one of the greatest speeches given in our time. I think it will go down in history as a very important speech because Alex tells the complete truths of our age, and expresses the deepest hopes for a free America, and a free world.

Alex speaks with a true voice. He doesn't need a teleprompter to communicate to an audience because real human beings speak from the heart. Alex speaks from his heart, memory, knowledge, and intuition. Professional politicians can't reach this type of emotion in a speech because they lack wisdom, depth, virtue, the love for freedom and humanity, and the full understanding of the monumental political crisis facing Washington, and the world.

The atrocious crimes against Iraq, Afghanistan, America, freedom, and humanity by America's top political leaders, and highest institutions must be met with harsh punishment. This age calls for righteous anger against the individuals who engineered the 9/11 attacks, the war on terror, and the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq. Alex Jones is venting that righteous anger, as we all should do.

Alex has a real gift of expression and communication, and he's using it to do good. It is a joy to listen to him because he says what many of us know to be true and correct in such a passionate and euphoric way. If you are politically and spiritually awake you are glad and excited that a dynamic and authentic human being like Alex is gaining in popularity and esteem.

I believe that each individual is a shepherd of his/her own soul, and should not worship any person as god-like, but it is important that we praise and raise true leaders who are walking the right and righteous path. True leaders voice the hopes and dreams of the age. Sometimes political and spiritual leaders step forth and carry the torch without being told, and sometimes they are instructed to lead by their peers because they are needed. It doesn't mean that they are perfect human beings who must be followed unquestioningly. All men are flawed. Leaders must be criticized when they do the wrong thing. We should never bow down to them unthinkingly and religiously, or believe that they are infinitely more important than individual human beings. But we must recognize that society needs visionary leaders from time to time, and we should give them the proper respect and admiration. True leaders deserve to be praised, and defended when they are attacked and disgraced.

Leaders like John F. Kennedy, Martin Luther King Jr., John Adams, Benjamin Franklin, James Madison, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, and George Washington were great giants and they should be glorified for eternity. It is a failure on our part when we forget what they accomplished, and lose sight of their dreams and hopes for humanity.

Are there giants amongst us in our age? I hope so. But it remains to be seen who will join the company of Kennedy, King, Jefferson, Adams, Madison, Franklin, Washington, Lincoln, and other great leaders that appeared throughout history from all across the world.