May 28, 2010

Gangsterism 2.0: Global Government Gone Wild At G20 in Toronto

Next month, downtown Toronto will morph into a full-scale battlefield, with the front lines clearly defined, as Canadians hit the streets to protest G8/G20 leaders, and to stand in fellowship with the people of the world in the global war for economic and political justice. It is expected that there will be 11,000 police officers, private security guards, and intelligence agents, to assist and protect the gangsters of governments who pose to the public as statesmen and diplomats. In April, Colin Freeze of The Globe and Mail reported that the country's military will also be on hand to defend so-called world dignitaries, saying "unspecified numbers of Canadian soldiers and spies will also work behind the scenes to help thousands of police safeguard the meetings."

In the middle of a global economic crisis, the origins of which have been attributed to wide-scale banking fraud and corrupt government regulation, it is not at all surprising to see that the protection racket is experiencing growth. All the police pageantry for the G20 summit, which will convene on June 26 and end the following day, is predicted to cost over one billion dollars. But, shockingly, none of that money has been allocated to repair any damage done to businesses and property owners. The Globe and Mail's Anna Mehler Paperny reports:
The federal government won’t compensate property owners in downtown Toronto for damage sustained during next month’s G20 summit.

A May 21 e-mail from a G20 Foreign Affairs liaison says that while businesses can apply for ex-gratia compensation “related to financial loss as a result of the extraordinary security measures” associated with the summit, “if there are losses or damages caused by third parties, including vandalism, payment will not be provided. … These types of damages are insurable under normal insurance coverage.”

The federal government is spending close to $1-billion on summit security, much of it going to protect delegates and maintain order in Toronto’s densely populated downtown core.

The price tag for the much hyped-event isn't the only disconcerting aspect of the government's protection policy. Gwalgen Geordie Dent of the news organization Toronto Media Co-op reported last Sunday May 23 that government forces will not be restrained by the law. If they see fit, they will use agent provocateurs to engage protesters in a violent manner. Toronto Media Co-op:
The RCMP-led Integrated Security Unit (ISU) of the G20 is refusing to rule out the use of Agent Provocateurs to get protesters to commit illegal acts, the Toronto Media Co-op has learned.

During a G20 forum on April 30th held by Toronto City Councilors, Constable George Tucker, a member of the G20 planning team responsible for Public Affairs, Communications & Corporate Relations, was asked if Agent Provocateurs would be used.

He responded: “"I'm not at liberty to discuss security issues in an open format".

Another weapon of attack that will most likely be used on protesters are sound canons, which were present at the G20 protests last September in Pittsburgh. Jennifer Yang of The Toronto Star writes:
Riotous protesters marching at the G20 summit next month may be greeted with ear-splitting “sound cannons,” the latest Toronto police tool for quelling unruly crowds.

Toronto police have purchased four, long-range acoustic devices (LRAD) — often referred to as sound guns or sound cannons — for the upcoming June 26-27 summit, the Star has learned.

The tool is meant to disperse large crowds, and by doing so, it kills free speech and denies concerned citizens the freedom of assembly. If the technology was available to 20th century totalitarian governments, they would have used them regularly, regardless of the pain that it causes in people, because, simply put, governments don't like using excessive force. Blood in the streets is not a pleasing sight. Sound canons are much more reliable and effective. Although such devices are less violent tools than guns and gases, the intent they are used with by anti-democratic governments are the same, which is to discourage people from protesting and voicing their opinions in public.

It remains to be seen if sound canons and other police state weapons will have the desired effect, but the fact that they are being used suggests that Canada is following the same path towards a police state dictatorship as other Western countries. Some people still believe that a dictatorship is not possible in our democratic societies. Such a political development is too haunting. The usual response is that the new world order and the push for an undemocratic global government is all a conspiracy. As leading politicians and propagandists said years ago, "There Is No Alternative" today, they tell us, "There Is No Conspiracy." But it's a public delusion to believe so. There is in fact a worldwide conspiracy by the global elite to establish a private global leviathan to serve the interests of banksters and multinational corporations, and make no mistake, there are alternative political systems that can be realized and developed locally in all regions of the world.

It is my wish that my fellow citizens will completely boycott the G20 summit protests, and deny world leaders their much desired attention. Liberty will be better served if citizens ignore the G20, and instead concentrate their anger on the hidden polis, which are the less publicized and highly secret global meetings, such as the Bilderberg conference, and the annual meetings of the Trilateral Commission and Council on Foreign Relations. It is in those elitist conferences that key decisions for the world are made, and so, it is there that popular anger must be directed.

If we are diligent and persistent in our non-violent civic resistance, the dictatorial prescriptions for the world's ills by these crooks and clowns will fall flat on the Earth's face. Using violence and terrorism will achieve nothing but position them as the defenders of a new and hostile world. As Dana Gabriel says in 'The Toronto G20 Police State Crackdown,' "Any violence and mayhem before or during the meetings plays right into the globalists hands and will be used to justify a police state crackdown."

Why You Should Boycott G20 Protests

Despite appearances, the G20 summit is more of a cinematic event than a global diplomatic conference. G20 leaders circulate the globe, one year in Pittsburgh, the other in London, the next in Toronto, as traveling salesmen, or members of a political rodeo show. But there are no tickets available to purchase and see them up-close. These clowns juggle and perform tricks only for themselves. Those who are denied participation are forced to attend another show below, one that is less glamorous and more in-your-face, and of course, I'm referring to the much-anticipated 3D clash between real-life stormtroopers and their counterparts, the protesters.

I have nothing against G20 protesters, or any protesters who show up at big political events, but I can't understand why they believe that they will have an impact by marching and shouting slogans at thousands of well-armed troops. It probably has never occurred to them that the best time to protest government policies is not when there are thousands of riot police in the streets, but when there are few to none, and when the government is less well organized to combat popular discontent.

Showing up at G20 protests gives more credibility to the G20 summit than it deserves. The smart thing to do would be to avoid the sideshow all together, leaving thousands of armed troops in riot gear to stand foolishly in empty streets. Such a move may make governments rethink future plans to spend hundreds of millions of dollars for security on similar feckless events.

Peppering insults at world officials and doing battle against anxious and paranoid cops can't compare to a slap in the face, which a boycott of G20 events would represent. So if protesters are serious about protest, they should boycott the G20 protests.