August 27, 2022

Under the Yoke of Bolshevism - The Black Baron - Pyotr Wrangel

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An excerpt from, "Lessons From the Bitter End: What General Wrangel Means for Americans Today" By Skip Tanner, Human Events, August 27, 2022:

General Wrangel was the best of Russia before the Civil War: He was a hero during World War I and the Russo-Japanese War and had even been awarded The Order of Saint Nicholas—Russian Empire’s highest medal for bravery, the equivalent of America’s Medal of Honor. He loved his country, but resigned from the military after realizing that the liberal government was trying to destroy it on the eve of the October Revolution. He moved with his wife and children to his home by sea, far away from the craziness of the capitol.

The Revolution came to him. Communist sailors (oftentimes just freed prisoners given guns and uniforms) sailed into port and began terrorizing everyone in his area. Elderly veterans, well-off people, anyone who was suspected of liking things how they had been before the Revolution was arrested for no reason. General Wrangel was one of many prominent citizens taken into custody by the sailors. He wasn’t told what he was accused of; he hadn’t been accused of anything specific. They simply arrived at his house one day and took him away.

Wrangel was handcuffed and taken by the sailors to their ship. They were killing the people they had arrested and dumping them into the harbor. They had been murdering people all day. Wrangel was saved by his wife and his servants, who followed him to loudly protest. Because Wrangel was so well-loved by his community, and the Bolsheviks had already killed so many upstanding citizens that day, the impromptu firing squad was too embarrassed to carry out the deed and let him go. Others who had no one to speak for them were not so lucky.

As much as many like to imagine that moving far away from the out-of-control cities will help, ultimately it’s not a long-term solution. The people behind radical movements are not going to let you just walk away from them. They need to be confronted head on or they will build their power and come for you eventually. Having narrowly escaped death, Wrangel set out to join the White Army, the term used to describe the loose collection of anticommunist forces that came into being after the Revolution.

Video Title: Under the Yoke of Bolshevism - The Black Baron - Pyotr Wrangel. Source: Pomen. Date Published: July 22, 2021.