January 27, 2022

Failed ISIS Prison Escape Is A Reminder of Global Cowardice


When ISIS was conquering territory and slicing off the heads of Western journalists they were all over the news. But ever since their defeat the world has looked away. 

Governments have ignored the crimes that were committed and the legal status of the terrorist perpetrators who number in the thousands and hail from across the earth.

The obvious solution is to execute every last ISIS terrorist. Their crimes warrant this extreme measure and it should've been done yesterday.

But, if the SDF, aka the Kurds and other minorities in Syria, did that then every hypocritical Western human rights organization and Muslim outreach group would come out the woodwork and paint them as war criminals.

The next solution would be to try the evil bastards in international trials and lock them up in their home countries in maximum security prisons.

But even that seems to be an uphill political battle because the cowardly governments of the world do not want to anger Turkey and deal with the Kurds in Syria on an international and legal basis. 

So the ISIS prisoners in north Syria will continue to pose a threat for the foreseeable future, especially as Erdogan gives them a lease on life by constantly attacking SDF territory without facing any domestic or international backlash.