June 28, 2016

The Sensible Solution To The Syrian Refugee Crisis + Anti-Semitism In Syrian Textbooks


To avoid a huge culture clash in Europe Syrians refugees have to be reeducated. They have to learn to conform to European values, standards, and principles. And most of them are willing to do that if they feel welcomed by their hosts. It would be a disaster if Syrian refugees are ignored and sidelined, and left alone to become instruments of ISIS terrorism.

There is a very real fear that many refugees will be indoctrinated in Saudi-constructed mosques all across Europe. It is not a coincidence that Europe has exported a high number of ISIS terrorists to places like Syria and Iraq. European leaders have stupidly allowed the fundamentalist Saudis to build mosque after mosque and they will ultimately regret it.

The Western-backed Arab monarchies are the shame of the Muslim world and the international community. Although Erdogan is a monster whose downfall can't come quick enough at least his government has taken in Syrian refugees. 

Erdogan is cunningly using Syrian refugees as a tool to push his agenda, but he is not alone. The U.S. and its worthless allies have also cleverly used Syrian refugees as a political weapon to flood Europe and increase pro-war sentiment among the pacifistic European populations. There is no doubt that Washington has directly told Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and their other pathetic allies to not take in Syrian refugees so as to put political pressure on Europe to back their war aims and wipe out Syria. 

These scumbags who have all the money and land in the world have not taken in one single refugee. Hell, even war-torn Iraqi Kurdistan has welcomed refugees fleeing from ISIS atrocities. But the cowardly and greedy monarchs of the oil-rich lands have turned their backs. 

The day will come when they too will be overthrown. Their kingdoms will be destroyed, and their foolish allies in the Western world will be humiliated for backing them all these decades and selling them billions of dollars worth of arms that will not save them in the end.

An excerpt from, "The Syrian School System: What Syrian Refugees Learn About Jews in Class" By Ariel Silbert and Charles Jacobs, Breitbart, June 27, 2016:
The anti-Semitic canard of the Jew as the axiomatic “outsider” is consistently stressed in the Syrian textbooks examined by both Professor Landis and Dr. Groiss (the primary sources consulted for this essay). Unsurprisingly, this theme is also central to the textbooks’ view of Zionism and the modern State of Israel. Israel is never referred to as a legitimate or historically “real” nation; the Jews of antiquity and today within what is referred to as Palestine are portrayed as “occupiers” of land rightfully belonging to the Arab tribes and their descendants that the textbooks claim to be the “rightful” possessors of the geographical area. This assertion rests upon the popular claim throughout the Arab and Muslim world that virtually all the peoples of the ancient Near Eastern and North African world (such as the Assyrians, Chaldeans, Emorites, Canaanites, Berbers, etc.) were racially “Arab”. Just as during antiquity, the current Jewish “occupiers” of Palestine are foreigners and interlopers, colonialists whose appropriation of a land historically and rightfully belonging to the “native” Arab population has resulted in violence and unrest within Palestine and the region at-large.

The simplicity and consistency of this worldview, the offering of “historical” examples as an evidentiary or empirical demonstration of Jewish malfeasance, whether as parasites within foreign lands, both East and West, or as ruthless colonizers displacing and persecuting indigenous inhabitants, results in one clear message. As an 11th grade Syrian textbooks states:
The Jews spare no effort in deceiving us, being hostile towards us, denying our noble Prophet, inciting against us and distorting the Divine Books…collaborat(ing) with pagans and atheists against the Muslims because they see that Islam unveils their cunning ways and evil nature…(t)herefore, the logic of genuine justice decrees against them one verdict the carrying out of which is unavoidable. Their criminal intention should be turned against them by way of their elimination [isti’sal]. (quoted in “Islamic Education in Syria: Undoing Secularism”)
But what exactly does this “elimination” entail? What are its mechanics? Examination of the textbooks makes this clear: the waging of Jihad (“Holy War” or “struggle”) against both the Zionist occupiers of Palestine and, more broadly, anyone who poses a threat to the sanctity of Islam. 
It still remains to be seen what impact the potential immigration of tens of thousands of Syrian to the United States will have upon the safety and security of the American Jewish community of roughly between 6 and 7 million citizens. It is, however, indisputable that virtually each and every potential Syrian immigrant has been a participant in an educational framework which presents Jews as morally corrupt, criminally-minded, and socially poisonous. Considering the uniformly negative nature of this worldview relative to Jews as a whole, the stated intentions of the current U.S. Administration to accept large numbers of such immigrants should cause immediate concern for all who regard the individual freedoms of this nation as inviolable and insuperable.
An excerpt from, "Refugees may import anti-Semitism, Jewish critic says" The Times of Israel, September 9, 2015:
The editor of the Netherlands’ largest Jewish paper warned against applying an emotion-based policy to Arab refugees, who she said may import anti-Semitism and should be settled in Gulf states.
Esther Voet, editor-in-chief of the Nieuw Israelitisch Weekblad and the previous director of CIDI, Dutch Jewry’s main lobby group, made the plea in an op-ed she published Monday on the news website jalta.nl about the European Union’s dilemma on how to deal with the arrival of tens of thousands of migrants from the Middle East in recent weeks.

Aid groups and other organizations, including Jewish communities, enlisted to help the refugees as international media published disturbing images of their plight – including the dead body of Aylan Kurdi, a Syrian boy whose body washed up on a Turkish beach after his family’s boat capsized en route from Turkey to Greece.

While the images left her “heartbroken,” Voet wrote, the reaction to them was “a light form of mass hysteria, in which it takes some courage to note that half of refugees come with an economic agenda, that single young men in search of prosperity constitute the majority of the refugee stream.”

Voet, who is a harsh critic of the Dutch far-right, said writing this in the current climate risked being labeled an extremist far-right voter. She said the United Nations should pressure “rich Gulf states” to take in refugees. 
An excerpt from, "Refugee crisis can, and must, be solved by Syria’s neighbors" By Ben Carson, The Hill, December 1, 2015:
"Syrian refugee resettlement should be concentrated in Arab countries, which are in the best position to help. The rich Persian Gulf states — Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman, Qatar and United Arab Emirates — have the resources to provide services that refugees require. With no language barrier and no religious or cultural gaps to overcome, refugees can find new and fulfilling lives with only enough support to make the transition. The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees and other refugee aid organizations can best use their resources to train these Gulf states to provide housing and social services effectively.

Syrians have a reputation as being very hard working, determined people, which should only enhance the overall economic health of the neighboring Arab countries that accept and integrate them into the general population. The humanitarian crisis presented by the fleeing Syrian refugees can be addressed if the nations of the world with resources would provide financial and material support to the aforementioned countries as well as encouragement. There is much beauty in Syria, and I suspect that many displaced Syrians will return there when peace is restored."