June 28, 2016

Paolo Barnard: The Truth About Brexit

Video Title: Paolo Barnard: THE TRUTH ABOUT BREXIT. Source: Democrazia Verde. Date Published: June 16, 2016. Description: 
Paolo Barnard, the most censored Italian economic journalist, reveals the truth about BREXIT and the European Union.

If you want to know the truth behind the EU and its financial dictatorship you can read the following essay "The Gravest Crime" written by Paolo Barnard for free: www.goo.gl/occL9D
"Then, for what are the Bilderberg’s men trembling for? What are the huge companies afraid of? No they're not scared of an economic loss, they are scared of the loss of control over a neo-feudal, authoritarian and anti-democratic project called the European Union." - Paolo Barnard.