March 6, 2016

Why The Syrian Opposition Has Achieved Nothing In Five Years: Its Ideas Suck

Source - The Angry Arab: 
The new leader of the Syrian National Coalition

This new leader, Anas Al-`Abdah, is prefect for the Qatari and Saudi regimes. He is an expert in anti-Shi`ite Islamist agitation and is the author of the famous report on the Shi`itization of the Syrian Sunni population. Media of Saudi princes was quite happy with his elevation. Having said that, please continue to follow the lead of Liz Sly and refer to Syrian National Coalition as "secular".
If the Syrian opposition had distanced itself from Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Israel, UAE, and Qatar from the very beginning then, maybe, just maybe, it could've inspired confidence and hope in the rest of the Syrian population and brought skeptics and fence-sitters into its camp.

But it didn't.

The Syrian opposition is led by weak and inconsequential leaders who are mere stooges of foreign parties, most of whom possess a human rights record that is far worse than Assad's.

The same argument can be made about Assad, that he couldn't survive without foreign intervention, except he has an actual army under him, not a hotchpotch group of terrorists whose claim to fame includes taking sex slaves from minority groups and chopping off the heads of atheists, secularists, Shiites, infidels, homosexuals, etc.

The Syrian opposition doesn't deserve to win because its ideas suck.

And it will not win. Not on the battlefield, not in the arena of ideas, not on the stage of diplomacy at the UN, nowhere.