March 6, 2016

Shocker: Islamist Terrorists, Israeli Terrorists, And Middle Eastern Voices of Tyranny All Hate Trump The Magnificent

Trump's list of enemies, from within America to Europe and the Middle East, makes him more attractive as a presidential candidate than the other buffoons on the stage. As strange as it sounds, he is the sanity vote in the 2016 presidential election.

An excerpt from, "The Middle East reacts to Trump: ‘Strange Candidates’ with ‘Weird Beliefs’ & anti-Muslim Pogroms" by Juan Cole, March 6, 2016:
The meltdown of the US Republican Party is an unlovely sight inside the country, but what do people abroad think about the outlandish assertions of GOP frontrunner Donald Trump?

Last week the Mufti of Egypt Shawqi Allam (maybe analogous to the president of the US Conference of Catholic Bishops) lit into Donald Trump’s positions on Muslims in a meeting with representatives of Evangelical Christianity. He said the billionaire bigot’s positions on banning Muslims were contrary to the character of the American people, and that Muslim Americans were part of the tapestry of Muslims worldwide. He had called on Muslims in the US to integrate into American society and to obey national laws, without losing their faith identity. In December his office expressed alarm that Trump’s statements could increase tension (i.e. provoke attacks) with regard to the millions of American Muslims.

Egyptian newspaper “al-Yawm al-Sabi`” (Seventh Day) covered a poll that suggested that the main factor propelling the Trump and Cruz campaigns to popularity among GOP voters is their hatred for Muslims.
So, America and the world are supposed to take seriously the words of Egypt's Grand Mufti who has refused to denounce ISIS's genocidal acts on numerous occasions?

Or the words of an Iranian conservative newspaper that attacks voices of democracy on a regular basis?

Or the words of the regime in Qatar that has financially contributed to ISIS's massacres in Syria?

Or the words of the regime in Israel that has treated ISIS terrorists in its hospitals?

Who are they to criticize Trump? 

Their regimes are collapsing under the weight of political corruption, terrorism, youth unemployment, wars, and tyranny. Trump should be the last of their worries.