February 23, 2016

Top Comments On YouTube For Al Jazeera's New Pro-ISIS/Anti-Russia Documentary

Al Jazeera: The game is over. Pack your bags. Go home. And take your ISIS terrorist fanatics with you.

"obviously Qatar is part of Turkey, Saudi Arabia, UAE evil coalition along with ISIS, Al Qaeda etc" - Alan Soo.

"Show us those so called rebels ransacked, burned and torturing minorities in syria too......!! Aljazeera sucks those jihadists dicks." - K Lal Ngaihte.

"can u post the videos of all the ethnic cleansing ,beheading ,torture ,hungers ,deprivation of all the basic needs and murders under yours so called opposition be headers" - hammer rocks.

"PRESSTITUTES at work ! Beware, Turkey is guilty for all this hell on Syria. Who OWNS you Al Jazeera? Huh?" - Mabelle Vonk.

Title: People & Power - Syria: Under Russia's Fist promo. Source: Al Jazeera English. Date Published: February 23, 2016. Description:
People & Power investigates the horrifying consequences for civilians under Russian airstrikes in Syria.