September 10, 2015

Webster Tarpley On The Origins of ISIS And The Cynical Manipulation of The Syrian Humanitarian Crisis

Tyrannical religious ideologues Sultan Erdogan and King Salman are American and Western allies. These barbaric rulers are wined and dined in American and Western capitals instead of being sanctioned for their atrocities and war crimes. But secular Assad and PKK are not considered morally worthy enough to be allies. They're demonized and delegitimized by the West as terrorists and monsters despite their military successes against the genocidal-minded ISIS.

It is clear to anyone paying any attention that ISIS terrorists have been the chief beneficiaries of U.S.-NATO policies in Syria, Libya, Yemen, Iraq, and across the Middle East. President Obama might as well declare himself the new Caliph of the age, and formally declare ISIS as his official ground army for operations in the Middle East. 

Video Title: Webster Tarpley - The Origins of ISIS. Source: Webster Tarpley Radio. Date Published: September 2, 2015.
"Right now we have this psychopath Baghdadi, so-called Caliph. He's sort of a stand-in, he's like a regent, he's not the real thing. The real Caliph is Erdogan. You have to remember the Turkish Sultan was the Caliph of Islam up until shortly after 1920, after World War I. When the Ottoman empire collapsed, and there was no more Turkish Sultan, then this question of who's the Caliph became hard to answer. And under Ataturk in Turkey they didn't want to hear anything about Caliphs. But right now, given the fact that Erdogan and Davutoglu are adherents of what is called the neo-Ottoman school, in other words they believe in the restoration of the Ottoman empire, they would like to have as much as they can. Remember the Ottoman empire was Syria, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, it was everything, all they way down to Yemen, so that is in effect what Erdogan seems to want. He is a mad man. He's as mad as a hatter. And Davutoglu is the ideologue who tells Erdogan that all these things are indeed written, they're written and they're going to happen, they're in the magic book of fate. So this is complete monstrosity." - Webster Tarpley.

Video Title: Syrian Humanitarian Crisis and Refugees US Pretext to Bomb Damascus and Topple Assad. Source: Webster Tarpley Radio. Date Published: September 6, 2015.
"You're going to see more and more about the humanitarian emergency and this is pure hypocrisy because they're talking about bombing Assad, letting ISIS take over the country, and the humanitarian emergency will go through the roof." - Webster Tarpley.