September 11, 2015

The Migration of Terrorists Into Syria, Not Refugees Out of Syria, Is The Real Problem

Some points about the Syrian refugee crisis:

  • A few thousand psychotic ISIS terrorists being smuggled into Syria via Europe, Libya, Jordan, and Turkey by the leaders of the U.S., Turkey, Israel, and the Gulf countries is more destabilizing than the migration of millions of refugees out of Syria. 
  • If properly assimilated and educated, refugees and migrants do not present social and economic problems. States that ghettoize refugees fare worse long-term than states that welcome refugees with a spirit of geneouristy and understanding. Germany's welcoming gestures are very encouraging. Iceland is another European country that has stood out. Compare these genorous countries with the close-fisted and mean-spirited countries in the Gulf like Kuwait and Saudi Arabia. Icelanders and Germans are more brotherly to Muslims in need than Kuwaitis, Qataris, and Saudis. 
  • The mainstream media is again failing to inform the world about the true origins and causes of the Syrian refugee crisis. We have to go back to the beginning of the war. ISIS terrorists were encouraged to migrate to Syria from all around the world via Europe and NATO-controlled Turkey. In fact they were driven into Syria by NATO, US, GCC, Israeli, Jordanian, and Turkish officials as part of their policy to destroy Syria as a state and a nation. And no one in the mainstream media batted an eye. They pretended not to notice as Syria was flooded with arms and genocidal mass murderers acting in the name of religion. These foreign misguided terrorists, many of whom were brainwashed by extremist and hypocritical clerics in Saudi-funded mosques in the West, didn't take up arms against Assad because they view him as a tyrant, but because he's from a different religion than them. They went to Syria to convert and dominate, not liberate. But journalists, apart from a few heroes like Serena Shim (RIP), did not capture the migration of foreign terrorists into Syria. They pretended it wasn't happening and later casted these venomous hateful snakes in ISIS's ranks as freedom fighters in the FSA.
  • Most of the refugees and migrants who are arriving safely in Europe are young males. Those who tragically die on the illegal smuggling routes tend to be women and children like the three year old Aylan Kurdi. One politician said that these refugee youth should go back and fight ISIS. But under whose army? The non-existent FSA? Assad's army? This is a sign that both Assad and ISIS do not speak for the youth of Syria and do not have their confidence. When you have to conscript unwilling youth to get men to fight for your banner like Assad or you have to kidnap and brainwash children with religious rhetoric as in the case of ISIS then your cause is not worth fighting for. Neither Assad nor ISIS are popular and powerful enough to command the loyalty and trust of Syrians, which is one reason why the number of refugees is so high.