September 14, 2015

Tarek Fatah: How radical Islam is funded in Canada

The same repulsive and hateful Wahhabi teachings that have poisoned the minds of youth in places like Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, and Syria and spawned terrorist groups like ISIS and the Taliban are being taught in North America, Europe, South America, East Asia, and all over the world. This is Saudi soft power at work. And it is a very subversive, slow-motion, and secretive process that is done with long-term goals in mind. 

How does it work? Here is one way. Moneyed men from Saudi Arabia and the Gulf countries go to a broken-down mosque or school, where, for example, there is no air conditioning or little space to accommodate new people, and tell the owners that they will finance the mosque's renovation or the school's reconstruction on the condition that they take absolute control of the textbooks, Korans, and curriculum.

They use this opportunity to monopolize the discourse and ban other teachings. And they are hard to turn down because turning down free cash requires principles, which many clerics and imams lack. 

The poisonous teachings that inspire the murder of minorities and people of other religions may or may not have a destructive effect on this generation, but they definitely will have it on the next because they will not be introduced to other, more open-minded interpretations of Islam by attending these bought-off and insular mosques and schools. 

The Saudis, flushed with billions of dollars, are determined to see the construction of thousands of Wahhabi mosques all around the world. What is their plan to assist the hundreds of thousands of Syrian refugees that are in Europe right now? Build mosques of course. It's the only thing they know how to do, and the funny thing is these idiots can't even do it properly in the one place where it matters most

The one thing that they probably have not considered is that the majority of the Syrian refugees are secular-minded who have fled ISIS-strongholds in Syria because they hate religious extremism, so it is highly unlikely they will attend Wahhabi mosques in the future. So they are making a big gamble. But, who knows. As the saying goes, if you build it, they will come.

An excerpt from, "Saudi government funding private Islamic schools in Canada, documents show" by Colin Freeze and Affan Chowdhry, The Globe and Mail, July 1, 2015:
The Saudi government is donating hundreds of thousands of dollars to help finance the expansion of private Islamic schools in Canada, according to newly leaked documents that shine a light on how 
foreign states are helping finance a growing demand for religious education.

The documents, involving cables between diplomats at the Saudi embassy in Ottawa and government officials in Riyadh, contain conversations from 2012 and 2013 about a $211,000 donation to a school in Ottawa and $134,000 to a school in Mississauga.

The schools confirmed to The Globe and Mail they had sought such donations to help build or buy new facilities for rapidly expanding student bodies.

The memos about the donations were among 500,000 Saudi diplomatic cables that WikiLeaks has begun releasing, yielding unprecedented insights into how the secretive Arab kingdom operates outside its own borders.

Foreign donations to private schools are legal. But Riyadh is frequently accused of spreading a puritanical form of Islam, and its critics allege Saudi dollars can pave the way for Saudi doctrine.

The administrators for the Canadian schools deny any Saudi influence. They say they accept only unconditional donations.
Video Title: Tarek Fatah: How radical Islam is funded in Canada. Source: Rebel Media. Date Published: June 5, 2015. Description:
Author and activist Tarek Fatah talks to Marissa Semkiw of about how foreign radical Muslims fund Canadian groups.

Fatah explains exactly how the money makes it into Canada: Individuals enter the country carrying tens of thousands of dollars, which is distributed to individuals who then "donate" it to a mosque or school. Another scheme involves selling RevCan charitable donation receipts!

Video Title: Islamic radicalism is real, but certifying imams is a terrible idea. Source: Rebel Media. Date Published: July 10, 2015. Description: 
Ezra Levant of reports:

The Canadian Senate’s committee on security and defence has called for the government to, quote, “investigate the options that are available for the training and certification of imams in Canada.”

They're proposing the wrong solution to a serious problem.