September 13, 2015

Indian Journalist M. J. Akbar Explains India's Rise And Pakistan's Slide Since Independence In 1947

"M.J." Akbar is a leading Indian journalist and author besides being the national spokesperson of the Bharatiya Janata Party and Rajya Sabha MP from Jharkhand. He was the Editor-in-Chief and then Editorial Director of The Sunday Guardian, a weekly newspaper that he founded, until he left to join politics full-time. He has remained associated with the leading media houses and periodicals in India including India Today, Headlines Today, The Telegraph. The Asian Age and Deccan Chronicle among others.
Video Title: How India went so ahead of Pakistan since 1947? Source: Desi Gyan. Date Published: August 14, 2015. Description: 
M.J Akbar attributing the emphasis on Islam as a source of Pakistan's backwardness. While India is marching ahead with her 5000 years of glorious history, Pakistan is rotting in a Islamic Hell.
"India was a modern idea. It was a liberal idea, a democratic idea, a secular idea. These are the things and the values that have shaped the modern world. And Pakistan actually became sort of an extension of a medieval idea, that you could actually create a nation in the name of religion. And what is shocking is not that other theocracies may or may not have welcomed Pakistan, but that other democracies tended to see religion as the basis of nationalism. There is no instance in the history even of Muslims of religion being the basis of nationalism." - M.J. Akbar.