March 29, 2015

The USrahelli Nuclear Winter Is Coming To The Middle East

Most polls show that the majority of the American people support the nuclear negotiations with Iran. Only a tiny, ideological fringe within the U.S. establishment, which is very close to Israel, wants a war.

You know what this means, right?

A new false flag in America to rally the American people against Iran and Islam is around the corner.

But the craziness and criminality won't end there.

The only two states crazy enough and powerful enough to use nuclear weapons against civilians are America and Israel.

When America used nukes the first time, it was just for kicks, to show off its God-like power to a frightened world, not for any real military reasons. And Israel has all the psychological reasons to fire off nukes. It is surrounded by enemies and it is constantly being deceived by irrational leaders who are filled with violent hatred for non-Jews, especially Palestinians and Muslims. The bomb is the silent gun in the room when Israel negotiates with its enemies, if at all.

Pakistan and North Korea are countries with nukes that we're told to fear. And, sure, they talk a good game when it comes to nuclear fear-mongering. "Indians be afraid, we have Jihadis and nukes, muhahahaha" says Pakistan. "South Koreans be very afraid, we are very crazy, America can't protect you" says North Korea.

But, at the end of the day, these are dysfunctional countries led by buffoons who have very low political and cultural appeal in the international community. On the day after any nuclear strike, even a limited one, they won't be able to withstand the international reaction to the use of nukes against their neighbours. Using nukes would be regime suicide for them.

America and Israel, on the other hand, can withstand international reactions and popular condemnations because they still have a decent amount of control over the mainstream world media. They can control the message. They are dominant states in the media sphere.

America and Israel believe they have the political and moral right to use nukes to stop what they call "threats" which are manufactured and exaggerated. They see themselves on the defensive, which is why the 9/11 false flag is so crucial to their narrative. Israel goes so far as to invoke the Holocaust when it bombs Palestinians back to the stone age. Using past trauma to justify military aggresssion is a trick in the bag that Israel will probably never stop to use.

There are also emotional and religious reasons why America and Israel feel they have the right to possess and use nukes. Israel literally believes it has God on its side, and America literally believes it is the world police. The leaders in Washington believe America is the only country with the global authority to fire off the nuclear gun. And when you challenge them on these points, that God does not pick winners and losers, and that there is no such thing as a world police in a rational world order, you don't get a logical response but hysteria, accusations, threats, etc.

Given their crazy belief system, America and Israel can justify the use of nukes to themselves and to the world. And they will make no apologies for it because they are culturally and psychologically wired that way. Zionists see themselves as the perennial victims and Americans are always the good guys. Victims and good guys never take responsibility for their actions and they never say sorry to those they injure.

What's even more disturbing is that America views itself in biblical and messianic terms. It is not a regular, secular, and normal country like Sweden or France. It calls itself the "exceptional" child of the human family, the light on the hill, not like those Chinese, Europeans, Russians and other nationalities. You don't become the world's only superpower without having a little crazy in you. And Israel is even more crazy. It views itself as the only country in the Middle East whose shit doesn't stink, as the "beacon of light" in a dark and barbaric region as Netanyahu told Congress earlier this month.

Both America and Israel believe they are above the laws that restrain other nations. They are deranged states with nukes, not reliable international actors. Pakistan and North Korea can go rogue but they also can be restrained easier. They are more rational because they are less powerful.

America and Israel, however, are less rational because they are more powerful. And not only do they have the power, but they also have the will to destroy the world, or at least a certain part of it that they don't like. And they're both crazy enough to use nukes in the future. If they can do 9/11 they can do anything.