March 31, 2015

Saudi TV: We Will Enjoy Torturing Yemeni Women and Children

At a certain point the conscience of the world will explode and people will demand the rulers of Saudi Arabia be brought before a world court to answer for their crimes against humanity and support for terrorism.

OK, maybe that's wishful-thinking.

When the heinous and barbaric Saudi kingdom does finally fall it will be a result of its own stupid actions and arrogant overreach. It's not a smart strategy to piss off your neighbours, and it's not a good thing when your only friends in the region are military dictators and Israel.

I have a lot of sympathy for Israel, and I hope they keep their state, but their leaders need to take a hard look in the mirror, and ask themselves if it is in their long-term interest to be associated with the worst kind of monsters in the Arab world. Arabs and Muslims will remain, but the Saudis will perish.

It's better to win over hearts and minds than torture women and children for fun like Saudi princes and clerics are currently doing in Yemen. They've picked up the worst traits of the IDF troops in Gaza.

Title: Saudi TV: We Will Enjoy Torturing Yemeni Women and Children. Source: IraqEnglish. Date Published: March 29, 2015.