March 30, 2015

Pakistan Wakes Up, Turns It Back On Saudi Wahhabi Fundamentalists Who Are Bombing Yemen To Gaza-Like Rubble

An excerpt from, "Pakistan to sit on the fence for now" Pakistan Today, March 31, 2015:
While the top civil and military leadership reiterates pledge for “supporting the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Saudi Arabia”, severe public and media pressure and lack of political support has however compelled the federal government to put off, at least for time being, its previous decision to send military troops to join allied forces against Yemeni rebels.

Rather than joining any of the warring factions, Pakistan has decided to play a role for mediation between both the parties through opening diplomatic channels with the international and Muslim states to help defuse the situation.
A well-placed source in the government told Pakistan Today that “immense public and media pressure” had compelled the federal government to put off, at least for time being, the troops dispatch for Yemen offensive.

“The government has been taken aback by the unprecedented public and media pressure against joining the Yemen war. Moreover, the meeting was briefed that the media pressure was so enormous that even the right-wing religious outfits were also reluctant in supporting the government in this regard,” the source added.

The source said that not only the civilian leadership was “shocked” over the public pressure but the Establishment also shared its feedback over the subject.
It's good to see sanity prevail in Pakistan---for now. Pakistan does not owe the Saudis anything. This was the responsible and logical move.

There are still a lot of balls up in the air. Pakistan's leadership could very well reverse their neutral stance in the future. But this is a positive step that should encourage the Saudis to step back from the brink in Yemen.

They've got their shots in on the Houthis. They got their "rah rah" moment. Now they feel big and strong. World-beaters, these Saudi princes. It's good. Let them get some pride back. But if they were smart they would end the airstrikes now before Yemen turns into another humanitarian disaster like Syria.