March 8, 2015

Christine Fair: Pakistan, the Taliban and Regional Security

Title: Christine Fair: Pakistan, the Taliban and Regional Security. Source: World Affairs Council. Date Published: March 5, 2015. Description:
Chapters:-------------Introduction: 0:00Christine Fair's Assessment of the Current Status in Pakistan: 1:41The Opposition in Pakistan: A Legitimate Challenge to Leadership?: 5:26The State of Military Influence in Pakistan: 11:28How the Taliban Influences and Permeates Pakistan: 13:24The Regional Consequences for the US War in Afghanistan: 20:47Are There Opportunities for the US to Work with Pakistan Against the Taliban?: 27:21Is a Civil War in Afghanistan Inevitable After the US Withdraws? What Roles Does Pakistan Play?: 31:04
Audience Questions---------------------------Question 1: Will the New Modi Government in India Raise Tensions with Pakistan?: 36:21Question 2: How is Kashmir Affecting Indian, Pakistani Relations?: 40:32Question 3: How Does Continued Militancy in Pakistan Affect Indian and US Relations?: 46:40Question 4: What is Your Assessment of Pakistan's Nuclear Capabilities? How Do They Affect the Region?: 52:09Question 5: What is Your Prognosis for Pakistan's Military and Political Future? 56:32 
Conclusion: 1:01:47
Speaker Christine Fair is Assistant Professor of Security Studies Program for the Edmund A. Walsh School of Foreign Service at Georgetown University.