March 2, 2015

Big Brother Comes To Pakistan

An excerpt from, "Pakistan Anti-Terror Laws Force 100M Cellphone Users To Be Fingerprinted" NBC News, February 24, 2015:
New anti-terror laws will see 100 million cellphone users in Pakistan forced to submit their fingerprints to a national database or get cut off from the network. 
The measures were imposed in response to the Taliban's recent school massacre in Peshawar and will see every cell user in the country compelled to link their SIM card to their fingerprint by April 12 or face disconnection. 
"The Peshawar attackers were communicating [via cellphone] with their handlers across the border in Afghanistan," a security official told NBC News on Tuesday on condition of anonymity. "We have to take those advantages away from them."
This is a tyrannical, stupid, and wasteful overreaction by the Pakistani government to a problem that it itself created over a period of decades.

On the one side they're backing terrorists, and on the other side they're forcing citizens to give their fingerprints in order to tackle the problem posed by those very same terrorists. It is a great scam. And it looks like the leaders of Pakistan and America are reading from the same manual. They have their chips on the same poker table, going all in.

And it's not just Pakistani and American leaders who are scamming their people in the war on terror. The anti-terror industry is a growth industry across the world. Militaristic governments like those in Pakistan and Egypt know where their bread is buttered. The protection racket is the oldest racket known to man.

The more Peshawar attacks the better for the Pakistani military. The more attacks on Egyptian citizens in Libya the better for the Egyptian military. People have speculated that the Egyptian military could have saved the Egyptian hostages in Libya but let them get killed by ISIS in order to build public support and international opinion for military action in Libya.

The heads of states and the military leaders of both Pakistan and Egypt could come out tomorrow morning on television and tell their people that the war on terror is a giant fraud, that terrorism is generated as much by the covert actions of deep states and secret intelligence agencies as it is by issues like poverty or religion, but they won't.

General Sisi of Egypt has said nothing about 9/11 and other false flags that make groups like ISIS to appear larger than they really are. Instead he has criticized the religion of Islam and says there must be reformation. Calls for reformation are always good, but, at the end of the day, ISIS and other terrorist groups will never be eliminated as long as the false flag specialists commit crimes in their name and expand their fame.

As long as dictators in the Middle East and their friends in America, the West, and Israel profit from the fraudulent global security paradigm that has grown out of events like 9/11 then they'll keep their mouths shut and continue to scam their countries.