June 12, 2014

Quotes From Locals About The Fall of Mosul And The Collapse of Maliki's Army

 Source of quotes: The Guardian/Mona Mahmood.
"Everyone in Samara is happy with the fighters’ management of the city. They have proved to be professional and competent. We have water and power; there is a shortage in fuel because Maliki’s forces have cut the bridges between Samara and Baghdad. The fighters themselves did not harm or kill anyone as they swept forward.

We as Sunni people have never been treated fairly by Maliki’s fanatic government and army. If it were not a sectarian army, it would have fought to the end but they fled as soon as things got serious. A friend of mine, a shopkeeper in Samara, told me the army and police have bought more than 1000 dishdash [a smock worn commonly by men in Iraq] to prepare themselves to flee in civil clothes in case they are cornered by rebels. The army’s main interest is money – most of them are militiamen not professional soldiers." - Taher Hassan.

"I live in Hay Al Nour in Mosul on the left bank of the Tigris. I’m the head of a big tribe in Mosul - more than 35 members of my family live in the same neighbourhood. Not one of us has left our home.

For two days now, after the fighters took our neighbourhood, the army forces have not fought back. They left their weapons behind.

It seems the fighters have a good security plan for the city. They really know the nature of the city and have not made the same mistakes as the US forces, or Maliki’s forces, when they invaded Mosul. They are protecting all the governmental buildings in the city and have not destroyed or stolen anything. They haven’t harmed a person in the city.

Can you imagine that the armed forces that have had millions spent on them for more than 11 years collapsed within a few hours?" - Abu Riyad.

"The situation in Mosul now is stable and quiet. There are no armed indications in the city at all, you might see two or four fighters at the main entrances of the city but not inside. Life is so normal in Mosul. Our fighters are advancing towards Baghdad without any significant resistance by the military forces. All we are doing is negotiating with the army and police commanders, as well as tribes leaders, and they are coming over to our side.

The fight now is in the Baghdad suburbs, near the Al Taji district. We have prepared enough men and arms and been waiting for this day for more then 10 years now. All the fighters are Iraqis from different parts of Iraq, in addition to senior military leaders who are lading the battles and setting up our successful plans. This is the reason why we are advancing further day by day." - Dr Ali Abu Tiba, media coordinator for Al-Naqshabandiyia Resistance Movement in Mosul.