November 27, 2013

Updates On Syria [11.27]: US & Turkey Oppose Rights of Minorities In Syria, European Jihadists Invade Syria Under Supervision of Western Governments, Syrian Opposition Changes Its Tune Ahead of Geneva II

1. An excerpt from, "Salih Muslim: US and Turkey Fail to Recognize Kurds in Geneva II" by Wladimir van Wilgenburg, November 27:
Welati reports that PYD-leader Salih Muslim said that the United States and Turkey fail to address Kurdish concerns in Geneva 2. He said this after meeting Russian deputy FM Mikhail Bogdanov.
The US, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, France, and England are playing a con game in Syria. These criminal governments must be resisted.  

2. An excerpt from, "Number of foreign fighters from Europe in Syria is historically unprecedented. Who should be worried?" by Thomas Hegghammer, Washington Post, November 27:
Since 2011, large numbers of European Muslims have gone to Syria to fight with the rebels. But exactly how many are they, and which countries are providing most of the fighters? The question matters because some of these foreign fighters may return to perpetrate attacks in the West, and Western governments are now grappling with the question of how to design and calibrate countermeasures.

Assessing the terrorist threat to Europe from the foreign fighters in Syria is tricky. On the one hand, as I showed in an earlier study summarized here on the Monkey Cage, foreign fighters are much more likely to engage in international terrorism than the general Muslim population, and they produce more lethal attacks than do plotters without foreign fighting experience. On the other hand, only a small proportion of Western foreign fighters tend to come home to attack. Moreover, the return rate varies considerably between destinations; for example, Western foreign fighters in Pakistan have tended to return for plots more frequently than their counterparts in Somalia.
Western governments are training, arming, and exporting Jihadist terrorists to Syria. The criminal British and French governments are paying preachers to recruit fighters to attack religious and ethnic minorities across the Middle East.

3. An excerpt from, "Syrian opposition to attend Geneva peace conference" by Michael Georgy, Reuters, November 27:
The Syrian National Coalition opposition group will attend the long-delayed "Geneva 2" talks in January aimed at ending the country's civil war, the group's president, Ahmad Jarba, said on Wednesday.

In an interview with Reuters and the Associated Press, he also said regional power Iran should only be allowed to attend if it stopped taking part in the bloodshed in Syria and withdrew its forces and proxies.

The coalition said previously it was ready to attend if humanitarian aid corridors were set up and political prisoners released. It insists that President Bashar al-Assad can play no future role in Syria.

"We are now ready to go to Geneva," Jarba said on a visit to Cairo, adding that the opposition viewed the Geneva talks as a step to a leadership transition and a "genuine democratic transformation in Syria".

"There is no way that the individual responsible for the destruction of the country can be responsible for building the country," said Jarba, referring to Assad.
Jarba the Nut is a tool of Saudi Arabia, US, France, and England. He has zero credibility and zero following inside Syria's rebel ranks. It's hard to take anyone seriously who says the destruction of Syria falls on Assad's shoulders alone when the Jihadist terrorists, who are doing most of the destroying, are being propped up by the US, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, France, England, Israel, and Qatar.

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