November 27, 2013

Updates On Syria [11.27]: Kurds Ask West For Support Against Al-Qaeda, Hezbollah Suffers Losses Outside Damascus, Turkey Plays Dumb About Role In Al-Qaeda's Rise

1. An excerpt from, "PYD asks West support to combat extremists in Syria", November 24:
PYD Co-Chairman addressed the EU and US: “The humanitarian situation is very difficult in Rojava right now, especially since the last year. We are living under the blockade of the Turkey, the Islamic / Arabic fanatics and Syrian regime. At the same time we got round half million refugees from different parts of Syria, mainly Christians, including Sunni and Alevi Arabs. Unfortunately, Kurdistan has no benefit from the so-called humanitarian help from the West. The tax payers’ money, the Western humanitarian aid, including weapons and military support, is going to the hand of Islamic groups. EU and the West should fulfil its humanitarian obligations and to support Kurds and all other different ethnical and religious minorities in Rojava with humanitarian aid. At the same time, they have to respect the decision of Rojava people, including the ethnic and religious groups, for self-determination which we declared recently as transitional administrational self-governance”.
The West has put its military, economic, diplomatic, and political weight behind Al-Qaeda. To look to the EU and US for support against Al-Qaeda is like looking to Iran for support against Hezbollah. It would be a retarded thing to do. The US and EU created, funded, and trained Al-Qaeda. You think they'll sabotage this army now, or in the near future? Highly unlikely. They're using this threat to destroy the peoples of the Middle East and destroy rights and liberties in the West. Al-Qaeda has served the US and EU very well, and they're not about to throw them away, certainly not for the Kurds of Syria.

There is not a humanitarian bone in the government bodies of the US and EU. Their time in the Middle East has come and gone. Asking these tyrants for help now is the wrong approach. They won't give it, and their help is not needed anyways. They're doing more harm than good, and any help they give will come with strings attached, so why bother? Instead of asking them for help, the PYD should tell the US and EU to stop aiding al-Qaeda terrorists and stop interfering in the affairs of their region. The US and EU should focus on fixing their own broken economies and stop exporting Jihadist terrorists to target religious and ethnic minorities in the Middle East.

2. An excerpt from, "Hezbollah takes casualties in Syrian rebel offensive; peace talks set for January" by Mitchell Prothero, The Miami Herald, November 25:
The Hezbollah commander described a murky ongoing situation in Ghouta and around a strategic highway interchange that links the capital to the mostly rebel-held city of Aleppo to the north.

“Yesterday our units came under a human wave attack by hundreds of terrorists and rebel fighters,” said the commander, who asked not to be identified because he wasn’t authorized to discuss Hezbollah operations with reporters. “They took several villages and took several Hezbollah positions.”

When he was asked whether the Hezbollah units would be reinforced, the commander said elite units from Hezbollah were already being sent to the battle.

“It’s not over. We will retake those positions,” he said. 

One resident said a mass mobilization of these units was readily apparent in the tight-knit community.

“Everyone’s phones are ringing and buses full of special forces are leaving” the neighborhood, the resident said. The resident asked not to be identified for security reasons.
How much of this is true? Anything in the mainstream media in relation to Hezbollah is about 99% horseshit. But, it wouldn't be surprising since no army is invincible.

3. An excerpt from, "Turkey backing off support for jihadists on Syria border" by Amberin Zaman, Al Monitor, November 18:
Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu vehemently denied accusations that Turkey had facilitated the entrance of extremists into Syria. Responding to a question from Al-Monitor at an otherwise off-record session on Monday night before leaving Washington following talks with senior US officials, Davutoglu said the foreign fighters come primarily from other countries, including Iraq, where he said "hundreds of terrorists" escaped from Abu Ghraib prison last spring.

The Turkish minister conceded, however, that "no country can control a 900-kilometer-long border 24 hours" and said that closing the border would exacerbate the humanitarian plight of Turkish refugees. He also complained that countries that accuse Turkey of allowing foreign fighters to join the jihadists fail to prevent them from leaving their homes and do not provide names in advance so they can be apprehended at Istanbul airport.  "On what basis should we stop them?" Davutoglu asked. "Turkey is receiving 34 million tourists. Should we say, 'you have a beard, you may be a terrorist?'"
This smart ass is trying to be coy. Turkey is actively supporting Al-Qaeda. The Turkish military is coordinating on logistic and strategic grounds with the invading Jihadist terrorists.

The growing plethora of Islamic terrorist groups in northern Syria would be nowhere near as influential and powerful if they were just a bunch of idealistic young Muslims who see false images of Assad's army massacring people on their television, believing they were real, and then join the fight thinking they will be dying for a good cause. No, this is more than that.

Turkey's support for Al-Qaeda extends beyond letting in a few bearded fanatics at the airport. Turkey is following the example of America, England, and Saudi Arabia when it comes to aiding and assisting Al-Qaeda.

Since before the war began the governments of Turkey, US, France, England, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Pakistan, and others have been funding, arming, training, and transporting these Jihadist terrorists. This is an intensive, and decades-long operation. The recruitment of these fighters and groups begins and ends with the deceptive Western mainstream media coverage of the events in Syria and across the Middle East. The Western state-corporate media is Al-Qaeda's main recruitment tool.

CHVRCHES - Gun (Live on KEXP). Source: KEXP. Date Published: October 1, 2003.