September 5, 2013

Terrorism Against Egypt Enters New Level; Interior Minister Targeted With Bomb But Survives

Four possible culprits of the attempted assassination of Egyptian interior minister Mohamed Ibrahim:
1) The Egyptian government itself, which is seeking to extend the state of emergency in the country as well as a military curfew.

2) The Muslim Brotherhood, in an act of revenge against interior minister Mohamed Ibrahim, who has carried out a policy of repression against violent Islamists after the popular-nationalist coup against Morsi.

3) The United States or Israel, aiming to expand strife in Egypt and weaken the will and response of Egyptian security services to acts of terrorism.

4) A Jihadist terrorist organization that wants to punish the government for the murders of protesters last month
Raw: Egypt Minister Survives Bomb Attack. Source: AP. Date: September 5, 2013. Description:
Egypt's interior minister Mohammed Ibrahim survived a bomb attack targeting his convoy in Cairo. At least eight people were wounded in the first attack on a senior government official since the country's Islamist president was toppled in a coup. (Sep. 5)

Egypt bomb attack : targetted Interior Minister says attack marks 'new wave of terrorism.' Source: France 24. Date: September 5, 2013. Description:
Egyptian Interior Minister has been the target of an assassination attempt, this Thursday. Once again, one event and two versions : the Egyptian authorities claim a car bomb was sent to destroy the convoy, while the State television says the attack came from above. No group has yet claimed responsibility for the attack. Duplex with Kathryn Stapley, our correspondent in Cairo, Egypt.