September 1, 2013

Obama And Syria: The Evolution From Covert War To Overt War

President Obama is criminally misleading his people and the world when he says that America is planning "limited" and "narrow" strikes against Syria. The attacks may begin that way on day one, but it won't be long before the United States is dragged further into the war, along with regional allies such as Turkey, Israel, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar. So far, these nations have prosecuted a covert war against the people and government of Syria. The Saudi despots even admit it.

Since early 2011, they have trained, financed, and armed foreign Jihadist terrorists to terrorize the Syrian people and destroy the country by waging a brutal sectarian war. The fighters in the opposition are not dying for a righteous cause or for a better future in Syria, they are crazed animals who have been let out of their cages by their evil masters. They behead Christian priests, execute teenagers, loot homes, rape women, ethnically cleanse minorities and different religious groups. They are the army from hell, not the vanguard of the Arab Spring.

Initially, the world was presented with false images of peaceful protesters being gunned down by the Syrian government simply for demanding their rights. But this was not the reality. The anti-government protests were militarized by external actors and infiltrated by US and Saudi-led Jihadist terrorist groups right from the very beginning with the goal of overthrowing Assad. This plan failed because Assad has the support of over half of the Syrian people and he is seen as a protector fighting off backward extremists. 

The lying and criminal mainstream media did not get away with their scam as videos of the so-called rebels' atrocities surfaced on the Internet day after day in the past two years. It reached the point in 2012 that even warmongering Western leaders were forced to comment on these videos, which destroyed the false narrative that Assad was guilty of killing peaceful protesters.

Washington's false narrative about Assad oppressing voices of the Arab Spring failed to persuade anyone. It is now changing its strategy, and making up false evidence that they say proves Assad used chemical weapons against his own people.

The world has figured out this is a lie. The Saudi despots gave chemical weapons to the incompetent Jihadist terrorists to use on a low-scale, and the Israelis are behind the false evidence

The despots of Saudi Arabia and Israel are allies that America can do without. One is worse than the other. If Washington wants to have a future role in the politics and destiny of the Middle East it should immediately cut ties with the Saudi despots and the hawkish Israelis, who only want war, violent extremism, and destruction in the region. This is the prudent, wise, profitable, and responsible course to take.

Attacking Syria is madness.