August 17, 2013

Turkey's Erdoğan Talks Nonsense About Egypt, Plus Some Comments And A Video

"Those who resisted against the military coup in Egypt, did not resort to violence, did not use weapons [...] The Egyptian people will gain their rights sooner or later. One day those pharaohs will face a Moses who will end the tyranny." [Source: "Turkey’s Erdoğan Blasts EU For Egypt, Syria Massacres," EurActiv, August 17].
Those are the words of Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. He is talking absolute nonsense. Four points: 

1) Muslim Brotherhood supporters have used violence against Egyptian security forces and civilians, especially Egypt's Christian minority. There is video proof of them stockpiling weapons and firing at the police. Sadly, the MB protesters are being misled by their deceptive leaders, and thrown into the fire.

2) The Egyptian people lost their rights and freedoms under Morsi's presidency, so removing him was a positive step as far as Egyptians regaining their rights. Erdoğan is only faking his concern for the current state of the rights of Egyptians. 

3) The language of pharaohs and Moses is offensive because it doesn't apply to this situation. General al-Sisi is not positioning himself to be the new Pharaoh of Egypt, and if a new Moses arises there, he won't be from the Muslim Brotherhood, you can be sure of that.

4) Erdoğan is busy suppressing Turkey's large Kurdish population and sheltering Al-Qaeda in its campaign of terror against the Syrian people and Syrian Kurds, so he has no right to talk about human rights, political freedom, democracy, etc. General al-Sisi is a bigger humanitarian than this hypocritical, double-talking, two-faced pimp.

Some Comments:

None of these nations, not Turkey, not America, not Israel, not Iran, not the EU, have the moral high ground to lecture Egypt. Nobody should listen to or respect any world leader, government, or nation that lectures others as if they are the sole bearer of righteousness, rationality, justice, wisdom, and goodness. Washington can take its untouchable and holy foreign aid and stick it up its ass. Erdoğan's words are meaningless. Iran's indignation and condemnation is unnecessary and unwelcome.

All these world leaders and governments should develop an isolationist stance and stop interfering in the affairs of others as if they know what's best. Egypt's fate should be left to the Egyptians.

The international media should also stop its destructive and counter-productive role. The reason journalists are being attacked in Egypt is because many journalists distort events, and propagandize instead of getting at the truth and informing world public opinion about what is actually going on. Most journalists are not innocent, precious little victims who are in the middle of the crossfire, most often than not they are covert spies who contribute to the violence by spreading false information, radicalizing the protests even further, and putting gasoline on the fire. That's what the media did in Syria and Libya, and that is what it is doing in Egypt.

Video: Egypt U.S Impotent Over Egypt Bloodshed