August 16, 2013

Muslim Brotherhood Played With Fire And Got Burned (Video Of Their Weapons Stockpile)

"The conflict is between Egyptians and a terrorist group that peddles religion and manipulates the piety of the uneducated, the poor and the gullible," writes Dr. Ashraf Ezzat in his article, "Ending the Muslim Brotherhood’s "Occupy Egypt" (The unreported story)." Read the entire article, he has many other great quotes. Here's some more:
The protesters you used to watch, on TV news bulletins, occupying the Rabaa and Nahdaa squares are not politically motivated, as a matter of fact most of them are illiterate, politically and literally speaking. Those protesters were shepherded into this sit in, because they were made to believe that, believe it or not, Islam was in danger. I know, it’s funny … and it’s sad … but this is the name of the game, the MB game, in Egypt.
The hazy stand of the White House is quite understood, after all, the Egyptian second wave of the revolution that ousted their puppet Morsi, did away with the American plan of signing up yet another proxy government in the new Middle East under the convenient Islamist cloak of MB.

Time was running out, the Brotherhoodization was well underway, Egypt was so close to a longtime national hijack. It happened before; Egypt had been hijacked before, by the Romans, the Turks and the British. But that was beyond control, for that was a foreign invasion. But this time it is more dangerous, and more ominous, because the invasion and the danger is from within.
Also, check out the article, "Egypt Turmoil: Muslim Brotherhood Violence or Government Crackdown?" by Brandon Turbeville. An excerpt:
Yet, for all the calls for peace and the propaganda claiming that the pro-Morsi protesters are themselves peaceful democracy-loving freedom fighters, very little is said in regards to their obvious violent attacks on security forces, political opponents, and Egyptian Christians.

In short, one must ask “If the protesters were peaceful, why does Obama need to call on them to stop burning churches? If the protesters were merely responding to the brutality of the Egyptian security forces, why would they be burning churches to begin with?”
Video: Fire arms and ammo found in Muslim Brotherhood's sit-ins. Source: Ashraf Ezzat.