August 29, 2013

Retired Algerian Col. Hadan S: America "cannot wage war against Syria without the participation of Israel"

Below is an excerpt from, "Algerian Experts Share Predictions For Syria Intervention" by Mohammad Ben Ahmad (Al Monitor, August 29, 2013).
Retired Col. Hadan S. said: “The war in Syria is completely different from the war that took place in Libya and can never be resolved through air strikes, even if the armed opposition cooperates with Western air forces. The reason is that the Syrian army is very well organized, equipped and trained and has plenty of weapons. Moreover, it has expanded its deployment in light of the two-year war experience.”

Hadan added, “The United States cannot wage war against Syria without the participation of Israel, because the ammunition and rocket storehouse in the American battleships and the four destroyers that will reportedly be directed against the Syrian coasts will not be sufficient to carry out effective military operations against the powerful Syrian army. Therefore, I expect that the United States will use Israeli missile reserves, provided that it will be compensated for immediately through air and naval shipment operations.

“I believe that Israel will take part in the air raids and missile shelling under the guise that the operations are initiated by US troops. Better yet, the missiles will be launched from Israel against Syrian targets, and Israel will participate in the operations simply because no one in the world knows the precise details about the situation inside the Syrian territories better than Israeli intelligence. Moreover, the United States will not waste such an accurate source of information, not to mention that the pilots in the Israeli air force are well acquainted with Syrian airspace — another asset that the Unites States will not waste. Consequently, the world will think that the raids are being launched from the sea or Jordan or Turkey, but in reality they will come from Israel.