August 29, 2013

Obama The Avenger From Space: Obama Set To Star In Standalone Film After Cast of "Bomb Syria Right Now" Drops Out

Obama: The Avenger From Space. Coming Soon.

Sorry movie fans, but that multi-star, comic book blockbuster about a new war in Syria with President Obama in the lead role has been nixed due to contract problems and conflicts in the schedules of the actors.

Pentagon Studios, the film company behind the anticipated project, has revised its original script and is deciding instead to produce a standalone film with Obama.

Titled "Obama: The Avenger From Space" the film will revolve around Obama's quest to bring Assad to justice for crimes against his people.

Although Obama will be mainly on his own, he will have a sidekick, though his role is regulated to the shadows throughout most of the film for plot reasons. 

The film will still feature a lot of explosions, but the script won't be as light, and Obama will have to shoulder the political consequences alone.