June 25, 2013

Joseph E. Garland - Unknown Soldiers + Joseph E. Garland and Dr. Jonathan Shay discuss PTSD

Joseph E. Garland - Unknown Soldiers. Source: garlandunknown. Date Published: September 30, 2008. Description:
Joseph E. Garland, World War II veteran of the storied 45th offers a startlingly personal collective memoir of his platoon's experiences during the Italian Campaign, from Sicily, to Anzio to Dachau. Diagnosed with PTSD decades after returning stateside, Garland and many of his platoonmates never "came home" from the war. This book, what one reviewer called Garland's "masterpiece," breaks the circle of silence that too frequently surrounds soldiers trying to re-adapt to peacetime life. This video offers some of the story behind the story of this book, and the reason for writing it.

Joseph E. Garland and Dr. Jonathan Shay discuss PTSD.