November 1, 2012

The PR Pivot: White House Now Says Al-Qaeda Is A Liability In Syria

"It was exposed in "NATO Using Al Qaeda Rat Lines to Flood Syria With Foreign Terrorists," that indeed, the very networks used by Al Qaeda to flood Iraq with foreign fighters is now being used by the United States, NATO and the Persian Gulf States of Saudi Arabia and Qatar to violently overthrow Syria. The narrative that recent US efforts aim at heading off "extremists" from "hijacking" the armed violence in Syria, is exposed as a blatant lie. Extremists have constituted the so-called "opposition" from the very beginning, by design, with explicit US, NATO, Saudi and Qatari funding, weapons, and support." - Tony Cartalucci, "US to Focus Exclusively on Arming Al Qaeda in Syria," November 1, 2012.
U.S. support for Islamic extremism has been a staple of its Middle East policy for over three generations. 

In the beginning of the Cold War, Washington reached out to the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and the clerics in Iran, while officially denying support for these extremist Islamist elements in Middle Eastern societies. 

During the Iranian revolution in 1979, the U.S. administration clandestinely backed Ayatollah Khomeini, helping him secure power and eliminate his political enemies. Dean Henderson writes in his article, "Illuminati Assassins":
Within years of the 1979 Iranian Revolution, CIA and MI6 were passing targeting information to the Ayatollah aimed at Iranian leftist groups like the Tudeh Party, the National Front and the People’sMujahadeen.  These nationalist parties had backed 1954 CIA/BP coup victim Mohammed Mossadegh and later spearheaded the Iranian Revolution through their Committee of 60 oilfield strikes in Khuzistan Province. 
The mullahs cut oil for arms deals with Israel and unleashed a reign of terror, assassinating over 4,000 Tudeh Party leaders, while torturing and imprisoning 10,000 more.  In 1989 many of those imprisoned were sentenced to death.  Khomeini then banned the parties terming them “Marxist satanic elements”, something even the Shah hadn’t done.  The US was using Islamic extremists to exterminate the Iranian left.  They had done the exact same thing when they installed Saddam Hussein in Iraq to terrorize the Iraqi Communist Party.
Washington's public rhetoric about the threat to world security posed by the Iranian Mullahs must be viewed in its proper historical context. The animosity is not genuine. The parasitic elite in Washington know the parasitic Mullahs well because they have made numerous secret deals with them in the past, going all the way back to 1953, when the clerics mobilized their base to protest against Iran's prime minister Mohammad Mosaddegh. 

The CIA coup plotters and the Islamist snakes cooperated together to destroy Iranian democracy on two occasions: 1953 and 1979. Will they do so again by starting a Third World War?


In Syria, U.S. support for Islamic extremists is blatant. There is no point in denying that the US is backing Jihadist terrorists to undermine Syria's democracy movement and weaken the Syrian state. The truth is out in the open.

Facts cannot be hidden anymore. The history of the last sixty years shows that the CIA has had a good working relationship with Islamist extremists across the Middle East. 

The Obama administration is merely carrying on tradition when it arms Al-Qaeda terrorists in Syria to bring down the last secular Arab regime. Obama is far from unique in his admiration for Islamic terrorism. Bush, Clinton, Reagan, and Carter all supported Islamist extremists with US taxpayers money.

Globalist U.S. presidents love supporting Islamic terrorist groups and spreading hate throughout the world. War is their thing. Chinese leaders create jobs for millions, Latin American leaders provide comfort for the poor, and American leaders wage war endlessly, always based on false pretexts. Given their history, it is right to conclude that U.S. presidents are the world's biggest terrorists. Obama's drones kill more innocent people than Al-Qaeda's car bombs.

Increasing the death toll is what the U.S. government desires the most in Syria. Al-Qaeda has become a liability for Washington because of its weak performance. It isn't stacking up skulls sky high. It isn't as efficient a killing force as the U.S. military and NATO. The war criminals who control the U.S. government only care about results, and Al-Qaeda is not delivering the same amount of bodies as it did in Libya.

The Obama administration is losing patience. There is not enough Syrian blood being shed, they want more. Since their Islamist terrorists can't finish the job, NATO will be called on to bomb the country to pieces.

If it can't have a functioning democratic state in Syria that does its bidding then Washington will move towards the second option: total destruction of Syria.