October 31, 2012

Muhamad from Aleppo on Insight SBS Sydney

The FSA terrorists are not revolutionaries, they are just morons with guns who hate everybody that's not like them. They are creating anarchy, not revolutionary change. They don't have a political vision, a social program, an economic plan, a leader, nothing. They are intolerant barbarians who burn the holy bible, kill Christian priests, and destroy churches. They are disposable to Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and NATO.

German poet Heinrich Heine said, "Where they burn books, they will ultimately also burn people." After burning bibles and other religious texts, the thieves and criminals in the FSA will start executing Christians, Shiites, Kurds, etc.

There is no way the FSA can defeat the Syrian army on their own. Their only weapon is terrorism. Their ideology is hate. Their leader is, by their own words, "Bin Laden," yes, that Bin Laden, the one who Obama said he killed but didn't because he was already dead when Obama became President. 

If it wasn't for anti-Assad propaganda no one would support these guys. These FSA extremists are ten times worse than the current government in Syria. They spell nothing but disaster for the Syrian people and the region as a whole. The fact that Western governments are backing them with political, military, and media support means that Western civilization has reached a very low point in its history.

The Syrian man in the video speaks the truth. [Source: HDownunda]