November 21, 2012

Ending The Financial And Information Siege of America And Planet Earth

 America is under an information siege.
"I believe very much that secrecy is the main cause of most social evils. I think information is the most precious commodity in the world. As a matter of fact, I think that information is the source of all wealth. The classical economic theory is that wealth is created by land, labor and capital. But if you have a piece of land, and you've got capital, and you hire labor, and you drill for oil, and there's no oil there--you won't get rich. What makes somebody rich is drilling for oil where there is oil, and that's based on having correct information. I'm just paraphrasing Buckminster Fuller here. All wealth is information. So therefore, all attempts to impede the transfer, the rapid transmission of information, are making us all poorer." - Robert Anton Wilson, from an interview by David Jay Brown in Mavericks of the Mind.
There has been a lot of fearmongering about secession in the media. Leaders like Ron Paul and Alex Jones, who represent a renewed sense of awakened patriotism, have injected this term into the mainstream to make the point that the federal government is not the boss of the American people but is actually the other way around. I don't have an opinion on this controversial issue since I'm not an American, but I do want to make three key points to enlighten this conversation as best as I can.

The first point is well known, which is that America is under financial siege. The federal government was taken over by a private central bank called the Federal Reserve in 1913 which has given illegal privileges to a few well-connected banks and corporations while impoverishing the American people.

The Federal Reserve is an illegitimate institution that is operating in secrecy against American interests. It was imposed on America in a deceptive manner in a time of national confusion and mass ignorance. Its creation was preceded by orchestrated financial shocks to the stock market and bankster-financed propaganda in the press.

For a century, the Federal Reserve has been used to fund world wars and enslave the American people through debt. The income tax is a fraud. The Federal Reserve's money changers are currently issuing paper money backed by nothing to pay their friends in the financial community who defrauded millions of homeowners and then bragged about their ill-gotten gains in their emails. If this is not a great injustice then I don't know what is.

The American people should not secede from the Federal Reserve, but separate themselves from it and create a true government bank that works for the benefit of all, not just a politically connected few. The position against the Federal Reserve is not anti-government, but pro-government. The Federal Reserve is a private institution that is pretending to act in the name of the general welfare of America. The cult-like supporters of the Federal Reserve are having a tough time defending its pro-banksters policies these days because the facts are not on their side. One hundred years of economic data disproves their arguments.

The second point I want to make is that the term "secession" is not a winning term and will only confuse the people who are still brainwashed by the media and government. Secession has negative connotations and conjures up dark memories of racism and slavery. This term should not be used by the truth and liberty movement.

A better term is "separation" as in separating from the bankster-hijacked federal government and recreating a real federal government that is not owned by private banks and fascist corporations.

Another term that should be used is "reunion" to express the notion that the American people are seeking to reunite with the spirit of the Declaration of Independence. Separating from an evil and hijacked government is like separating from an abusive and alcoholic husband. The American people are the woman in this situation and is being beaten to a pulp by a deranged, bankster-hijacked government.

The third point is that America is under an information siege. There is an unofficial "truth embargo," in America and the world, as Stephen Bassett puts it.

People who live in television's reality are trapped in a concentration camp of the mind. There are invisible barbwires that surround the militarized mainstream media. Inside, it is truly a horrific and dark place. It is intellectually intolerable.

Those who are excluded from the mainstream mental concentration camp by the government guards are intellectual dissidents otherwise known as conspiracy theorists and truthers.

Escaping the mainstream mental concentration camp is easy. The first and most important step is recognizing that it exists. The government guards maintain their authority over reality in the camp by censoring information and creating labels to treat critics as paranoid outcasts. Their aim is to prohibit the expression of a wide range of opinions and thereby control society with a totalitarian will.

The information siege of America won't end anytime soon, but it will prove more and more ineffective against the growing global alternative media which exists outside of the mainstream mental concentration camp.