November 20, 2012

Christian Slaves of Israhell Defend The Murder of Palestinians

Christian fundamentalist leader John Hagee bows before his god, AIPAC.

Israhell's slaves instinctively and unthinkingly blame Muslims for everything that's wrong with Gaza and the Middle East. It's never Washington's or Israel's fault. Whenever there is a flare up of violence in the region, it's always the fault of "the terrorists." Don't get me wrong, I don't like the Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas, and extremist Islamists because they are political opportunists. But I love the truth, and the truth is on the side of the Palestinians in this historic fight between an oppressor and the oppressed.

The right-wing Christian slaves of Israhell are throwing themselves deeper into the dark pit of ignorance, xenophobia, stupidity, and blindness. Where is their Christian conscience when the people of Gaza are being slaughtered night and day by the Israeli army? Do they care? Is killing children right when Israhell does it? Is scapegoating right when Israhell does it? Is terrorism right when Israhell does it?

I don't think it's a question of caring or not caring. It is just that the Mega Churches and Fox News have ate their minds and souls. When right-wing Christians see images of dead Palestinian children (if ever) they blame Hamas rather than the real perpetrator of the crime. They are blaming the victim. This is mental sickness and spiritual blindness. But I can't even feel anger towards these people because they are not evil, just ignorant. They've been brainwashed, deceived, and betrayed.

But there are reasons to be hopeful. The Christians of America are being educated and led out of darkness. My faith in American spiritual leaders is enormous. True christian leaders such as authors David Ray Griffin, Chris Hedges, and James W. Douglass, along with Ron Paul and Alex Jones, are stepping up big time. They are waking up their country and all of humanity. These voices represent the true American spirit. They are my heroes. 

I pray that more Christians will turn off Fox News and the establishment media and tune into the Alex Jones show and other outlets in the global alternative media.

I also pray that Christians leave the stupid mega churches that are filling their minds with pro-Israhell and anti-Muslim propaganda. I've never been inside a mosque or a church for a very good reason: you can't trust priests, rabbis, and mullahs. They are not shepherds of the spirit, but wolves who prey on the mentally weak. Politicians are in the same line of work.

Obama and Netanyahu are able to sell the official 9/11 lie and Jewish-American terrorism to the world because the priests and rabbis are carrying out a program of brainwashing in their houses of worship. The Christian slaves are beginning to see that Obama is a fraud, but their main criticism of Obaaama is not that he is killing innocent children in the Muslim world but that he is a "secret Muslim." LOL. Really? This mindset tells you where their hearts are at, and it's not a very good place.

It would be interesting to know how many within the global 9/11 truth and justice movement are Christians. The truth about 9/11 will never be heard in an American church because the priests are on the side of the fascist new world order and support Israhell's policy of mass murder of Palestinians. These churches have become so corrupt, so empty, and so devoid of spiritual value that if they are burned down tomorrow God would not shed a single tear.

American hero Chris Hedges - America: The Silence of a Nation and The Signing of a Genocide