October 24, 2012

Middle East Is In Pure Chaos

Remember 9/11. Repeat 9/11 Truth. That false flag activated all of this craziness. USrael does not want stability in the Middle East. It wants pure, total chaos. It wants global hegemony and mass death. 

An excerpt from an article called, "This Is Not a Revolution," by Hussein Agha and Robert Malley:
"Alliances are topsy-turvy, defy logic, are unfamiliar and shifting. Theocratic regimes back secularists; tyrannies promote democracy; the US forms partnerships with Islamists; Islamists support Western military intervention. Arab nationalists side with regimes they have long combated; liberals side with Islamists with whom they then come to blows. Saudi Arabia backs secularists against the Muslim Brothers and Salafis against secularists. The US is allied with Iraq, which is allied with Iran, which supports the Syrian regime, which the US hopes to help topple. The US is also allied with Qatar, which subsidizes Hamas, and with Saudi Arabia, which funds the Salafis who inspire jihadists who kill Americans wherever they can."