October 23, 2012

End of The Obamney Universe And The Rebirth of Real American Leadership

Barack Obama, Mitt Romney, and their brainwashed, dumbed-down followers live in a fantasy-based universe where independent thought and the free expression of opinion are forbidden. It is a universe filled with hate, ignorance, collective insanity, and totalitarian propaganda. And apparently they still have horses and bayonets in this crazy universe. This makes sense because it is socially, culturally, intellectually, technologically, and politically sterile and backwards.

In the Obamney universe, smoking marijuana is a legal offense, the Federal Reserve and big banks are responsible stewards of taxpayer dollars, Iran is the biggest threat to humanity in this century, the Bill of Rights is a thing of the past, drone murders of innocent civilians is justified, secret assassinations of dissidents and critics on the order of the President is good, and Israel is the lord and master of the United States of America.

What is most shocking is that learning is viewed as "conspiracy theorizing" in this strange universe. False flag terrorism is unheard of and truth is a foreign concept. They still live under the delusion that the September 11 events were committed by Al-Qaeda and Osama Bin Laden.

When shown evidence that proves 9/11 was an inside job, the cult-like members of the Obamney universe react with blind rage and accuse the messenger of being a "conspiracy theorist." They also consider connecting the dots as a sign of mental illness, thereby denigrating the professions of the detective, police officer, lawyer, and journalist, who all connect dots to solve crimes and cases.

It is very tragic that science, facts, and reason are not taken seriously in the Obamney universe. Thankfully, though, there is a parallel political universe in the United States, one that is more sane, real, honest, free, and peaceful.

The public representatives of this new and more hopeful universe are Jill Stein, presidential candidate for the Green Party, Rocky Anderson, presidential candidate for the Justice Party, Virgil Goode, presidential candidate for the Constitution Party, and Gary Johnson, presidential candidate for the Libertarian Party.

What all these alternative voices have in common is a love for country, a dedication to public service, and a deep respect for the values, principles, and rights of the American people. They represent the rebirth of American leadership.

As public confidence and faith in the Obamney universe collapses, the real universe will rise to a level of credibility and legitimacy that will be undeniable. The real universe will shake the major institutions of the United States to its rotten foundations: political, media, financial, military, and educational.

II. Third Party Presidential Candidates Offer The Reality of A Second Universe

On Tuesday, October 23, all four alternative presidential candidates attended a historic third party presidential debate hosted by Free and Equal Elections Foundation and moderated by Larry King.

The candidates didn't just offer solutions to America's problems, but something more important and fundamental: the reality of a second universe. Their presence on the stage represents real hope, which doesn't exist in the Obamney universe.  

90 million Americans reject the false premises, contradictions, lies, and totalitarian myths of the Obamney universe. They want to live in a universe that has better ideas, solutions, laws, and leaders. And they will because history is on their side.

It doesn't matter if Obama or Romney wins in November because both of them have already lost the confidence, respect, and trust of the awakening American people. Neither man is presidential material. As things stand, the throne is empty. A ghost occupies the president's chair.

But that will change because the Obamney universe is history, and a new universe is coming into political being in America. The third party debate on Tuesday night was just the beginning.