September 14, 2012

The Western Roots of Islamic Fanaticism And The Betrayal of Sunni Muslim Youth

Source: Mustafa El-Shridi/Reuters.

By now it is common knowledge that U.S. and Western intelligence agencies stoked the fires of Islamic fanaticism and sectarianism in Libya, Syria, and elsewhere in the Middle East to achieve their geopolitical goals.

The same radical Jihadists that NATO backed in Libya are now threatening to consume the region in chaos and blood, all to the benefit of the corrupt military-industrial complex, Western neo-imperialist interventionists, and the extremist government in Israel.

Both sides in the conflict are controlled by the same financial interests that have created the conditions for permanent war between the West and the Muslim world.

In Libya, Washington and its NATO partners raised the political profile of Jihadist terrorists by painting them as freedom-loving revolutionaries fighting a noble war against Gaddafi. It was a total fabrication of the reality on the ground, and it worked for the time being, as it did in Afghanistan in the 1980s.

But a crisis was inevitable. Whether the crisis arose spontaneously or artificially, the consequences of this crazy policy was totally predictable.

The events on September 11, 2012, show that Washington's covert and illegal activities created a fertile soil for terrorism and anti-Americanism, not freedom and democracy. This scenario is what Washington had in mind all along because the American war machine needs constant enemies to fight. They knew arming radical extremists would backfire on them but they didn't care.

In fact, Washington's foreign policy elite depends on tragedies like the murder of Ambassador Stevens because such events allow them to distance themselves from the Islamic extremists whom they previously praised as "freedom fighters."

Tony Cartalucci gave the best analysis of the crisis in Libya in his article, "US Ambassador's Death: Fruits of US Foreign Policy." An excerpt: 
"Clearly, those involved in overthrowing the government of Libya, and attempting to overthrow the government of Syria, are not "freedom fighters," but listed terrorists. The US, UK, and EU are in violation of both their own domestic anti-terrorism laws (and here), as well as international law in their continued support of listed-terrorist organizations.

What was to be a relatively benign public relations stunt to disassociate the US and its "democracy promotion" from terrorist organizations, has now left a high ranking US diplomat dead and the West's foreign policy narrative in further tatters."
Nile Bowie also wrote an excellent article called, "Poetic Justice Finds US Enablers of Terror," in which he drew attention to the irrational nature of U.S. foreign policy. An excerpt:
"For Ambassador Stevens, an early proponent of the no-fly zone and a staunch supporter of NATO’s campaign in Libya, the untimely death he was dealt came delivered by the very militants he enabled in brazen. The pathological reasoning of bombing a country to “save it from destruction” reflects the unrestrained irrationality of the foreign policy direction being taken under the Obama Administration and its rabid Secretary of State."
The violent reaction to the anti-Islam film this week, which wasn't a real film and existed only in the imagination of Muslims and of the world's, is destroying the already damaged reputation of Islam in the West. The false flag 9/11 events were done in part to legitimize the West's anti-Islam rhetoric, and this strange episode further discredits the image of Islam in the Western mind. But this is not the true Islam on display. Islam is not a religion of fanaticism.

The anti-American protests at various U.S. embassies across the Middle East contain several groups of people who each have their own agendas and reasons for attending the protests: 1) the criminal element, 2) the Islamist extremist element, 3) the genuinely outraged element, and 4) the bored and frustrated element.

I've characterized the protesters and flag-burners as "wild fanatics" in a previous article, but this is not fair to them. Protests are a healthy thing, even if it involves burning flags, because at least they're doing something besides watching television and playing video games. They are tired of Western aggression on Muslim lands and are using this opportunity as a vehicle to express their anger. And they are demonstrating their natural male rage at the right target: the evil U.S. empire.

The covert policies of the evil U.S. empire is the biggest reason for the growth of Islamic fanaticism. Washington funds madrassas in Afghanistan; arms radical Islamists in Syria and Libya; and stages false flag operations such as diplomatic crises, and terrorist events like 9/11. 

On top of that, the U.S. empire's biggest ally in the Middle East is one of the most despotic and corrupt regimes in history: the Saudi monarchy. Chris Floyd says in his article, "Great Expectations: Benghazi-Style Blowback an Integral Part of Terror War System":
"No group in the world has done more to spread violent, retrograde extremism than the Saudi royals (whose regime is far more repressive than that of the Persian devils in Tehran or the Hitler du jour in Damascus) -- yet at every turn they are courted, coddled, and lavished with billions of dollars in military hardware from the ostensible defenders of freedom in Washington.

The Saudis have had plenty of help in fomenting fundamentalism, of course. Empowering extremists has long been a favorite tactic of our freedom-loving Western elites. These wise leaders have spent 50 years destroying every vestige of secular civic space in the Middle East, every vestige of secular opposition to their favoured dictators, puppets and feudal lords in the region."
The tyrannical governments in the U.S. and Saudi Arabia feed the flames of Sunni extremism in almost every country in the Muslim world, and then turn around and ask themselves, "Why are these Muslims so riled up about nothing?" What manipulators! What devils!

II. The Betrayal of Sunni Muslim Youth

There are real injustices that Muslims have a right to be angry about: illegal U.S. drone strikes, foreign pillagers in Muslim countries, frequent American and Israeli invasions of Muslim lands, and betrayal of Muslim values by Arab elites.

In this environment, anger at America and the West is completely justified. But how is that anger being channeled on a political level?

The Shiite youth are represented by Iran and Hezbollah, but who represents the interests of the Sunni Arab youth? No one. The Al-Qaeda agitators are Western intelligence agents, not real leaders to be followed. An independent anti-imperialist Sunni Arab leader has not emerged on the Middle Eastern political landscape since the false flag events on 9/11.

Some people thought Morsi of the Muslim Brotherhood would be a strong Sunni leader, but he sided with the United States and Israel in Syria, so he obviously isn't interested in opposing Western imperialism and Israeli aggression against Muslims. 

In this leadership vacuum, the U.S. and Saudi Arabia have stepped in and taken advantage of Sunni resentments towards the status quo. They have misdirected their righteous rage against dictators like Gaddafi and Assad, and indoctrinated them to hate Iran and Hezbollah.

The Sunni fighters who make up the so-called Free Syrian Army are fierce and savage, but they are not led by visionary leaders who take into consideration their long-term interests so their fighting potential is being wasted. They are cannon fodder who are used in NATO interventions, and the ones who survive are then successfully re-branded as fanatical anti-American enemies.

The idea that Al-Qaeda is Washington's enemy is a joke. So it shocked me when I read that the protesters in Egypt chanted, "Obama, Obama there are still a billion Osamas." Really? There are a billion CIA agents in the Muslim world? There are a billion dupes willing to lay down their lives to promote the CIA's agenda in the region?

Regardless of the true causes for the protests and attacks on American embassies, the reality is that emotion is trumping reason, as it did on September 11, 2001, when the traumatized American people reacted to the attacks by demanding not an investigation into the intelligence failure, but a declaration of war.

Once people collectively break from reality, and join the mania of war, it is almost impossible to persuade them to think clearly and rationally. The 9/11 truth movement is having a difficult time trying to persuade liberal and libertarian intellectuals that 9/11 was an inside job. They're irrationally defending the myth of blowback and denying the truth by calling it a "conspiracy theory."