September 14, 2012

Middle East Chaos Diverts American Attention From The Fed's Reckless Money Printing

Forget for a moment the American embassies that are on fire in the Middle East. The real crisis that is threatening the American people and the American nation comes from within. The U.S. dollar is on fire. And the privately owned Federal Reserve is pouring gasoline on it

While the world is distracted by the chaos in the Middle East, the reckless and arrogant managers of the American economy are at it again.

Matt Taibbi tweets, "Incredibly, Fed announces "open-ended" quantitative easing program, and it's barely a blip in the news."

Alex Jones and Paul Joseph Watson write in their article, "New Banker Bailout Disguised As QE3":
"QE3 is merely another massive wealth transfer and a tool of waging economic warfare on the poor and middle class, another manifestation of neo-feudalism to destroy America and have the global bankers pose as the saviors.

The economy is being destroyed by design so that the elite can exploit the fear and chaos caused by the collapse in order to centralize power and control. This can also be seen over in Europe where Jose Manuel Barroso is exploiting the crisis in a bid to turn the EU into a “federation”.

Bernanke’s latest move is merely a continuation of the engineered takeover of the U.S. economy and will achieve nothing aside from enriching the wealthy to an even greater degree while ensuring the rest of us continue to see outliving standards decline on the path to economic serfdom."
Ben Bernanke, not Jihad Bob, is the real threat to America's national security and collective well-being.

Hunting down the CIA-created Al-Qaeda is a huge waste of U.S. government resources. When is the American government going to punish the Federal Reserve Cartel, which is a non-state actor, for waging war upon the American people and the American nation? 

The war on terror is over. It was a fake war. The real war is a war on elite financial fraud and political corruption. It is being fought with knowledge and information.