September 11, 2011

What 9/11 Told Us: "A Civilization Based On Terror" Is At War With Itself

9/11, the Apocalypse, and World War III is brought to you by the evil tricksters of America, Israel, and the West, not Islamic terrorists. (Photo Source: The PS3 Mushroom Clown was done by the advertising agency TBWA/Paris, France, Creative Director Erik Vervroegen, Art Director Philippe Taroux, Copywriter Benoit Leroux, and Photographer Thomas Mangold).

What 9/11 Told Us: "A Civilization Based On Terror" Is At War With Itself

Saman Mohammadi
The Excavator
September 11, 2011

"We won't keep our defense industries alive unless we are in the state of terror. We don't believe in any other informational system except a state of terror, and we wonder then why we have a civilization based on terror." - William Irwin Thompson. (1).
There is a twisted and evil logic to the 9/11 attacks and other acts of government terrorism and mass human sacrifice. Modern bureaucratic states, intelligence agencies, and large militaries need enemies that pose an existential threat to society in order to stay relevant in the lives of citizens and taxpayers.

The political, economic, and psychological benefits of an empire inventing its own monster to scare its subjects into submission and to justify military spending are substantial.

The two enemies that were born after the fall of the twin towers on 9/11, "terrorism" and "Islamism," are monsters that are fed and controlled by the American empire, Israel, England, and NATO.

These two enemies have given the Anglo-American empire, Israel and NATO the ideological reasons to take hundreds of billions of dollars from the public purse and waste trillions on unending wars.

But this game of deceit goes beyond politics and economics. It's about psychology and culture, too. The identity of a military officer and an intelligence official is formed through a simplified narrative of good guys versus bad guys. Agents of the State need work to do to get paid and be happy, and hunting down terrorists is a profitable government business in the 21st century.

Al-Qaeda and Islamic terrorism were created by the governments of the West and Israel because they depend on the public fear that is generated by the presence of a foreign enemy to subdue their subjects. For that reason, America and Islamic terrorists have a symbiotic relationship.

Imagine if there wasn't any terrorist threat and no 9/11. Western civilization would then have to dig deep within itself and rethink its priorities. And the psychopathic elite in power don't want that. They want people to mindlessly accept all the fables, stories, myths, legends, and the pseudo-reality that defines Western culture today because they're getting so much power and money out of scaring people.

Iran's ruling elite also benefits economically, psychologically and politically from the presence of the "Great Satan," in their backyard. Without America, the mullahs in Iran would be poor and irrelevant. They probably kiss the ground ever time they kneel down to pray because they secretly love the fact that America and Israel are threatening Iran with nuclear war. An outisde enemy gives them high status, big profits and religious power.

Inventing or hyping enemies to pacify resistance to the government, scare the people, unify the country, and justify military conquests abroad is a dark art that has always been a part of statecraft. Killing innocent individuals for profit and lying to people is what governments do best. That has been their main business from the dawn of civilization.

The American cultural critic William Irwin Thompson says, "terrorists are amateurs, but the real governments are professionals at it." When ruling elites need enemies to search and destroy for economic, cultural and political reasons they finance and train them by using the taxes from the subjects they rule over.

Once the enemies are born, the ruling elite and politicians tap their subjects on the shoulders and say, "Hey, look over there. Those bad guys are going to kill you and all of us. They hate us and what we represent. But we can kill them first if you support this war and join the fight." The deception works because the lie is so big. It is the biggest scam of all time.

In 1976, Thompson wrote in his book, "Evil and World Order," that artificial chaos would be created by the power elite to acquire greater government power so they can transition the West from an industrial civilization to a new, post-industrial civilization. Thompson said:
"Through an interlocking directorate of multinational corporations, labor unions, government, foundations, and universities, the Managers will point to the chaos they have created and appeal for special emergency powers to enable them to deal with the crisis through computer modeling and systems theory. And so industrial civilization, like Winter in March, will die hard. But I don't believe that the problem-solvers can win out in the long run of cultural evolution, for all their dream-solutions become even greater nightmare problems. Problem-solvers, with their artificial intelligence and machine language, cannot tolerate ambiguity; they therefore cannot appreciate that organic forms generate life and culture, but that systems generate their linked opposite of chaos. Thus the next ten years are likely to be a world of systems and chaos, the world of the Manager and the unmanageable Terrorist." (2).
The September 11 attacks signalled the beginning of engineered chaos in the West and the totalitarian control of our societies. The only terrorism that truly harms our countries is done by the shadow state terrorists who did the 9/11 attacks.


Harold Lasswell's concept of the garrison state, which centered on the existence of "specialists on violence," that comprised of military, political, industrial and banking elites, can help us understand some aspects of American society and American politics since the end of World War II to today, ten years after 9/11.

In his 1941 article, "The Garrison State," published in the American Journal of Sociology, Lasswell wrote:
To speak of a garrison state is not to predict something wholly new under the sun. Certainly there is nothing novel to the student of political institutions about the idea that specialists on violence may run the state. On the contrary, some of the most influential discussions of political institutions have named the military state as one of the chief forms of organized society. Comte saw history as a succession (and a progression) that moved, as far as it concerned the state, through military, feudal, and industrial phases. Spencer divided all human societies into the military type, based on force, and the industrial type, based on contract and free consent. (3).
In addition to the adjustment of symbols, goods, and violence, the political elite of the garrison state will find it necessary to make certain adaptations in the fundamental practices of the state. Decisions will be more dictatorial than democratic, and institutional practices long connected with modern democracy will disappear. Instead of elections to office or referendums on issues there will be government by plebiscite. Elections foster the formation and expression of public opinion, while plebiscites encourage only unanimous demonstrations of collective sentiment. Rival political parties will be suppressed, either by the monopolization of legality in one political party (more properly called a political "order") or by the abolition of all political parties. The ruling group will exercise a monopoly of opinion in public, thus abolishing the free communication of fact and interpretation. (4).
America's garrison state was rebooted on an extreme and supranational scale after 9/11. In a world without a real enemy to America or any source for prolonged conflict, the false flag 9/11 attacks served as the perfect medicine to fix the evil empire's legitimacy problem which was brought about by the disappearance of the Soviet Union.

There had to be a perception in America and Western society of global chaos, foreign threats, and international tension for the evil empire to continue to exist. Thus, the Anglo-American invisible empire injected the medicine of state terror into the cultural and political veins of the globe in order to recast its role as a defender against international terrorism.

What exists in America is not a complete garrison state. There is no military draft or overt military rule. And martial law has not been declared yet. But the organized power of the military-industrial-congressional-financial complex can outmatch any form of opposition from civil society, whether peaceful or violent, through the use of state terror and other coercive instruments of the state.

Critics of the system like President John F. Kennedy and journalist Gary Webb are murdered and the heroic meaning of their deaths are reduced to nothing.

All empires are built on murder, terror and human sacrifice. States that are dominated by the military class have existed in all types of societies throughout human history. Washington's evil empire, Israel and NATO are by far the champions of terrorism and murder in the 21st century.

Gaddafi and Saddam have nothing on the mass murderers in Washington, Tel Aviv and London. As Stefan Molyneux says in this video, people in America and other Western nations live in a "murder based society."

3,000 innocent human beings were sacrificed in New York City and Washington on September 11, 2001 to uphold a rotten system that can't survive if America is not in a state of fear and there are no enemies beyond America's shores to search and destroy.


The challenges that we face in this century to world peace and global harmony are deep and transnational. They originate from within the heart of our so-called democratic governments that use false flag terrorism to make us afraid and support criminal policies.

But we can solve the problems caused by immoral war makers and government terrorists if we are brave enough to rethink the meaning of the September 11 events and stop believing the cover-up.

As the historian Howard Zinn said, war is not inevitable. It is not desired by the majority of humanity. War is made in America and the West by cultural engineers, political myth-makers, intelligence agencies and state propagandists who are funded by the borderless oligarchy. The German poet and novelist Hermann Hesse said:
The greatest threat to our world and its peace comes from those who want war, who prepare for it, and who, by holding out vague promises of a future peace or by instilling fear of foreign aggression, try to make us accomplices to their plans. (5).
Another quote on war by Hesse:
A war doesn't fall out of the clear sky. Like every other human undertaking, it requires preparation; to make it a possibility and then a reality, the care and cooperation of many are needed. It is desired, prepared for, and proposed by those men and powers who stand to gain by it. Either it brings them direct cash profit, as in the case of the armaments industry (and as soon as war breaks out, how many previously harmless industries become war industries, and how automatically money flows their way!), or it brings them advantage in the form of prestige, respect, and power, as in the case of unemployed generals and colonels. (6).
The War on Terror is political theatre. The war between the West against Islam and terrorism has been manufactured by state terrorists and cultural myth-makers in Washington, London and Tel Aviv.

The real war is between the demons of America and the angels of America - between tyranny and freedom, totalitarianism and individualism, good and evil, the patriots and the traitors, the dark side that loves lies and the good side that lives in reality.

Dick Cheney, George W. Bush, Barack Obama and most of the political class in Washington represent the dark side of America that is destroying America from within.

Ron Paul, anti-Federal Reserve activists, and 9/11 truth-tellers represent the real America that was attacked on September 11, 2001 by the criminal traitors in power.

Islam is fighting an inner struggle with itself that pits the extremists against the moderates. And the same situation exists in the Western world, where extremists dominate the political discourse and the sources of information.

But millions of people have awoken to the truth about 9/11 because of the alternative media. They can see that America and the West is at war with itself, with its traditions of liberty, equality, and individual rights.

The people know that totalitarian fascists and petty tyrants in America, Israel and the West have taken society hostage through state terrorism, manufactured fear, and media propaganda.

The war that must be fought and won by 21st century freedom fighters is an intellectual, spiritual and philosophical war. It is a war not just of ideas, but of realities. This war is about what you believe is real and what is fake.

Do you believe politically cultivated perceptions about reality and 9/11, or the truth about 9/11 and reality?

Do you believe the government's word or your own eyes and ears?

The state of fear and state of terror that has existed since September 11, 2001 will end when we change our perceptions and align our minds with the truth.

The more we avoid the reality that we have all been misled and lied to by shadow state terrorists and the complicit media, the more we will suffer at their hands.


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