March 2, 2011

Rolling Stone Gets Alex Jones Wrong

The Rolling Stone profile of Alex Jones by Alexander Zaitchik.

Rolling Stone has a new piece on radio host/patriot Alex Jones, casting him as a paranoid, fringe conspiracy theorist who attracts lunatics in Hollywood and across the land. It is not a total hit job, though. Alex gets to speak his mind, and the writer lays out the history of Alex's rise into the mainstream pretty well, but like other media portrayals of Alex, the buzzwords "conspiracy theory" and "paranoid" are used, almost automatically, to describe Alex's special brand of populist-constitutionalist political speech. Salon's Alex Pareene called Alex an "all-American nut-job," on March 1st, saying that he is "about as fringe a character as exists in our politics."

But Alex is not fringe at all. He is attracting an army of listeners because he speaks common sense facts, and doesn't play the false left-right game like Glenn Beck and so many other clowns on television. Instead of blaming republicans or democrats for the problems in America, Alex is attacking both, as well as the American ruling elite, the political-corporate-financial traitors on Wall Street and Congress, and the global ruling elite.

And Alex is catching on because he is telling the truth. The new mainstream view is that the United States has a shadow government which spies on the American people, commits terrorist attacks in America (9/11), starts fake wars for resources and imperial control, and wants to destroy America's constitutional republic in order to establish a dictatorial global government upon its ruins.

Anybody who sincerely researches the topics that Alex covers on a daily basis comes to the conclusion very quickly that Alex is far from a paranoid nut-job. Alex Jones is in fact an American hero. Barack Obama talks about hope on the campaign trail, but Alex's voice represents hope. He is a modern-day American pioneer and revolutionary, leading the American political awakening. He is the heart and soul of the movement to expose the real criminals behind the 9/11 attacks, and bring them to justice.

I and others have written about America's political awakening, and the larger global political awakening. Here is what I wrote a few months ago:
It says a lot about the state of American democracy that the country is confronting the same issues of government secrecy and official deception today that it did forty years ago. But although reality has remained the same, public perception about government lying and trickery has changed. A massive political awakening is occurring in America, and it is similar to past political awakenings in other countries that also suffered under a system of authoritarian propaganda and government treachery for a prolonged period of time. The difference this time is that the awakening is happening around the world.

Indeed, the nature of America's political awakening is beyond anything else seen before in history. Its political ramifications are huge, and we are only beginning to realize them. Three things stand out in particular, 1) the global scope of the awakening due to America's cultural dominance around the world, 2) the incredible acceleration of the awakening, and, 3) the eventual impact the awakening will have on the development of mankind and human civilization. What makes it a truly historical awakening is its size, and the fact that it can't be manipulated or diverted by the ruling elite. It is a totally organic and independent process, and it is causing the evolution of politics and modern democracy.

Without the internet this awakening would've been restricted to the fringes of American and global society. The truth about the September 11 terrorist attacks, and false-flag terrorism in general would have never seen the light of day if it was not for the opening of the public airwaves that is symbolized by the free and open nature of the internet. Political leaders around the world, whether in Iran, China, Russia, Europe, Australia, Canada, or America, are scared about the fact that for the first time in history a real and vibrant press which the internet represents can help regulate the actions and aims of governments. The days of government deception and the manipulation of public perception are over.
Alex and millions of others in America and around the globe aren't paranoid, but conscious and knowledgeable of the fact that America was taken over by a cabal of anti-democratic tricksters and murderers. And this corporate-military take over of America goes back to the assassination of John F. Kennedy and Martin Luther King Jr. They were the voices of hope and freedom in their era, but they were assassinated by America's cunning ruling elite who control the CIA, FBI, and the entire state apparatus.

"Sometimes paranoia's just having all the facts," said William S. Burroughs. Alex is talking about facts, and exposing the ugly substance of modern political reality in the United States. He is using his voice and media platform to wake people up to the truth that America and the West is under financial-corporatist-police state tyranny, not filling people's minds with conspiracy-laden jargon as he is being accused of by Rolling Stone and other media publications. He deserves to be recognized for the titan of truth and liberty that he is, not demeaned as a conspiracy theorist and paranoid freak. As I said in America's Political Awakening:
"In the two years since Barack Obama stepped into office the political awakening has kept pace. The popularity of Jesse Ventura's truTV show Conspiracy Theory, and Alex Jones's two documentaries, The Obama Deception, and Fall of The Republic, as well as other revelatory documentaries like Charles Ferguson's Inside Job, are an indication of the American public's appetite for the truth, however ugly it may be. People inherently know that a country can only be ruined by lies, not governed by them. Anybody that defends lies, or ridicules the truth for whatever reasons, is naturally an enemy of freedom, peace, and justice."
In reaction to the new Rolling Stone piece about him, Alex said on his broadcast on March 2nd, 2011:
The reason this radio broadcast and my videos, and the other media systems we use are rising so fast is because we've got our finger on the pulse of the world. And we know the globalists inside and out, and we understand their program. And yes it's shocking, it's frightening to know all of this is happening, but it's better to be able to know the threat is coming and meet it, and face it down.
The plan to establish an authoritarian global government by the global elite is very real. The globalist financiers and their cadre of supporters defend the idea of an authoritarian global government because they believe that globally centralized institutions will be able to address all the problems that our age faces, but many of us know better. Tyranny is not a solution to mankind's ills. Look at what happened in Germany and Russia in the last century. Those countries were ruined because people looked away as their government assumed total control of their societies. Many people even cheered the government's goons on as they killed, and enslaved dissidents, and other marginalized groups in society.

America faces complete national breakdown and a globalist takeover if the American people do not cast out the war criminals, traitors, and control freaks in their government. In fact, the whole West is facing such a fate.

Freedom or slavery: Which path will we choose? What kind of society do we want to live in? What type of government do we want to live under? These are questions that the people of North America and Western Europe must face now. What's happening in the Arab world need not concern us. We have our own problems and questions to resolve. Do we want a global authoritarian government that rules by terror, propaganda, and lies, or local, decentralized, transparent, and democratic governments?

This is not a time for meek and spineless men. In another lifetime I would be happy to hold my peace, and stay at home. My personality fits that way of life. But these are challenging times. We must speak up and use our voices to bring change. Humanity is at a crossroads. This is make or break time. We can decide if freedom lives forever or dies forever as this crisis unfolds. Will we carry on tradition and make sure freedom survives in the West? Or will we mindlessly deny the truth about 9/11, the financial collapse, the construction of a global government, and other issues?

We should be grateful that Alex is awakening millions of people every day to the stomach-turning truths of our age. His star will continue to rise, and deservedly so, because he is an authentic voice of truth, justice, and freedom.

"In a nation run by swine," said Hunter S. Thompson, "all pigs are upward-mobile and the rest of us are fucked until we can put our acts together: Not necessarily to Win, but mainly to keep from Losing Completely." If Hunter S. Thompson were alive and wrote a profile of Alex Jones for Rolling Stone he would not cast Alex as paranoid and crazy, but agree with him on almost every point because he too had his "finger on the pulse of the world."

Alex Jones is more of a journalist than Tom Brokaw, or any other media figurehead. He tells the truth boldly, and lays out the facts. Isn't that the job of a journalist? True, he's not objective about it. His goal is to free America from the tyrants and traitors who currently control the country. So he's not a traditional journalist. But traditional journalists are the ones who mindlessly repeat to the public the government lie that 9/11 was done by Al-Qaeda, which is why nobody listens to traditional journalists anymore. Alex is a muckraking journalist. A trailblazing journalist. Those are the type of journalists who change public opinion and reform societies. As H.S.T. said:
If you consider the great journalists in history, you don't see too many objective journalists on that list. H. L. Mencken was not objective. Mike Royko, who just died. I. F. Stone was not objective. Mark Twain was not objective. I don't quite understand this worship of objectivity in journalism. Now, just flat-out lying is different from being subjective.