October 29, 2010

America's Political Awakening

It says a lot about the state of American democracy that the country is confronting the same issues of government secrecy and official deception today that it did forty years ago. But although reality has remained the same, public perception about government lying and trickery has changed. A massive political awakening is occurring in America, and it is similar to past political awakenings in other countries that also suffered under a system of authoritarian propaganda and government treachery for a prolonged period of time. The difference this time is that the awakening is happening around the world.

Indeed, the nature of America's political awakening is beyond anything else seen before in history. Its political ramifications are huge, and we are only beginning to realize them. Three things stand out in particular, 1) the global scope of the awakening due to America's cultural dominance around the world, 2) the incredible acceleration of the awakening, and, 3) the eventual impact the awakening will have on the development of mankind and human civilization. What makes it a truly historical awakening is its size, and the fact that it can't be manipulated or diverted by the ruling elite. It is a totally organic and independent process, and it is causing the evolution of politics and modern democracy.

Without the internet this awakening would've been restricted to the fringes of American and global society. The truth about the September 11 terrorist attacks, and false-flag terrorism in general would have never seen the light of day if it was not for the opening of the public airwaves that is symbolized by the free and open nature of the internet. Political leaders around the world, whether in Iran, China, Russia, Europe, Australia, Canada, or America, are scared about the fact that for the first time in history a real and vibrant press which the internet represents can help regulate the actions and aims of governments. The days of government deception and the manipulation of public perception are over.

America's political awakening didn't begin with the emergence of the internet, it had its inception in the Cold War era, and matured during the Vietnam war. With the election of Ronald Reagan, however, came a regression and a deep state of cold sleep by the American people. During this time Media/CIA propaganda became more subtle and advanced, and the state terrorists were able to completely take over the American government as public apathy spread across the country in a way that activists in the 60s generation never foresaw.

The major breaking point that broke the government/mainstream media spell over the American mind happened in the Bush years, which culminated in the firing of Rumsfeld, and the election of the Democrats in 2006. It is important that we do not glance over the fact that millions of people rightly recognized and rejected government lying as it related to the Iraq War, nor should we think that any change in public opinion about the wars occurred simply because Barack Obama was elected in 2008.

In the two years since Barack Obama stepped into office the political awakening has kept pace. The popularity of Jesse Ventura's truTV show Conspiracy Theory, and Alex Jones's two documentaries, The Obama Deception, and Fall of The Republic, as well as other revelatory documentaries like Charles Ferguson's Inside Job, are an indication of the American public's appetite for the truth, however ugly it may be. People inherently know that a country can only be ruined by lies, not governed by them. Anybody that defends lies, or ridicules the truth for whatever reasons, is naturally an enemy of freedom, peace, and justice.

The declining mainstream media is hesitant to admit that a growing and regime-threatening skepticism about the credibility of both major parties and of the office of the President has surfaced in the public mind, and isn't going away, but, television is ultimately about ratings so it is highly possible that media heads will soon figure out that the truth is profitable, and start pointing the light towards the 9/11 lie, and the war on terror fraud. Even establishment pundits recognize that the lack of enthusiasm for the current midterm election is a reflection of a deep skepticism in the public about the rulers in Washington, and the corrupt political process that keeps them in power.

Besides the banking fraud that caused the financial crisis, the open-ended nature of the wars, and President's Obama approval of them, is the biggest reason for American public's disgust with their political leaders right now. President Obama has not only failed to close Washington's credibility gap with the American people and the rest of the world that former President Bush left behind in 2008, but he has widen the gap, which is causing ordinary people across the political spectrum to talk about a popular revolution as the only remedy to Washington's tyranny and terrorism. How this revolution will play out, and whether it will be violent or peaceful, depends on the type of leadership that emerges and what the majority believes.

Although America's political awakening has gone mainstream it is still hard to estimate the number of people who believe 9/11 was a big lie, and that Washington is controlled by state terrorists and traitors. Just to give a brief example, President Obama's recent appearance on the Daily Show was met with loud and consistent applause from the young and liberal audience, which came as a surprise to me because I watch Jon Stewart every night and he has not been friendly towards the President and the Democratic party. Maybe the audience was just overexcited from the fact that the President was speaking in their presence, and couldn't contain themselves. But if their applause was a sincere demonstration of their approval of the President's inaccurate statements about the financial recovery and the health care bill then the scope of the political awakening in the young people is less than I assumed to be. In that case, the truth-telling movement must increase its important work tenfold, and make its large presence known both online, and offline.

It remains to be seen what happens in the next couple of years. So far, this much we know: the longer the U.S. establishment denies the new political reality, the harder it will fall; and without truth there won't be any national healing in America, or peace in the Middle East. It is critical that we all raise the banner of truth, and hold our political leaders to account. I am hopeful this will happen. It is only a matter of time before the American people join the international community and demand a criminal investigation into the 9/11 attacks. Once we all know who actually did the September 11 terrorist attacks, and understand their real motives behind the war on terrorism, we can help bring the mad destruction in the Middle East to an end, and put the traitors/state terrorists/thieving tricksters away for good.