December 9, 2009

Greg Palast on the WTO

The WTO has been an instrument of economic warfare, carried out by an unaccountable group of elite bankers, corrupt politicians, government insiders, corporate bigwigs, and pseudo-academics, who eye an authoritarian global government to solidify their ill-gotten gains. The organization's main purpose is to create conditions of poverty and economic inequality worldwide between elites and the rest of Mankind, and its operations are less about deregulation than gaining control of the world markets by destroying the economic laws of national governments. Advocates of the WTO perpetuate the myth that corporate globalization is a liberated capitalism set loose from its national cage. The practices of the undemocratic institution, however, paints a totally different picture. What we are facing is economic fascism run amok. New evidence gathered by investigative journalist Greg Palast points to the malevolent role played by the organization in creating this economic disaster. So it won't be the least bit surprising if the WTO becomes a red target as the global depression intensifies, along with private central banks, credit agencies, and other financial institutions.

Palast also has some new details on the climate change meeting in Copenhagen, saying that the meat of the talks is not about reducing carbon emissions, or coming to an agreement about real environmental reform, but about making the third world pay heavily for first class technology:
"So for all the baloney you're going to hear about 'gee, we've got to reduce carbon emissions, we're going to bring the third world into this' - well, the whole thing, the whole point is about how we can sell GE's technology, and Haliburton's construction operations, and how we can, you know, sell Stone & Webster's services. It's not about reducing global warming, it's about selling, selling, selling, and making the world pay." [Part II - 5:40 mark]

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Part II.

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