September 14, 2023

Lukashenko's Advice to Zelensky

Ukraine never stood a chance. Shame on Washington and London for instigating that war.

Video Title: Lukashenko's Advice to Zelensky. Source: Vladimir Brovkin. Date Published: September 14, 2023. Description:

Here I discus President of Belarus Lukashenko's ideas about the war in Ukraine. It is based on an hour and a half interview he gave to a Ukrainina journalist, who is banned in Ukraine. Lukashenko expressed his relationship with Putin and Zelensky and explained his views on the past Minsk Accords, the present war and the possible future developments. 

Video Title: Lukashenko about peace talks and Wagner. What does Putin really want?What's the future of Zelensky? Source: АТН: новости Беларуси и мира. Date Published: August 21, 2023. Description:
Who needs peace most of all, and who can stop the bloody military conflict in our region? Interview of the President of Belarus to Ukrainian journalist Diana Panchenko: a conversation without forbidden questions on the most sensitive topics. What future awaits our southern neighbors? And what should the Western neighbors realize? Strong arguments for peace. Watch it right now!