October 6, 2010

34 Years Ago, The Bush-led CIA Engineered One of The Deadliest Terrorist Attacks in History

On October 6, 1976, Cubana Flight 455 was attacked and destroyed by terrorists. 73 people were murdered. At the time it was "the most deadly terrorist airline attack in the Western hemisphere." But these weren't just any terrorists. They weren't Jihadist terrorists. They were CIA-backed anti-Cuban terrorists. Luis Posada Carriles was one of the terrorists employed by the CIA.

In May 2005 the U.S. government declassified information about the case, called: "LUIS POSADA CARRILES: THE DECLASSIFIED RECORD." An excerpt:
Washington D.C. May 18, 2005 - The National Security Archive today posted additional documents that show that the CIA had concrete advance intelligence, as early as June 1976, on plans by Cuban exile terrorist groups to bomb a Cubana airliner. The Archive also posted another document that shows that the FBI's attache in Caracas had multiple contacts with one of the Venezuelans who placed the bomb on the plane, and provided him with a visa to the U.S. five days before the bombing, despite suspicions that he was engaged in terrorist activities at the direction of Luis Posada Carriles.
In June 2005 Tom Crumpacker, a lawyer for Miami Coalition to End the US Embargo of Cuba, wrote an article about the CIA's involvement in the crime and the Bush administration's suppression of the evidence in an article called "The CIA and the Bombing of Cubana Flight 455." An excerpt:
Recently declassified (partially blacked out) CIA, FBI and State Department reports (see National Security Archive Briefing Book #153, Peter Kornbluh) indicate that former CIA agent Luis Posada Carriles had been trained by CIA in demolition and explosives in the early 1960s. He was ostensibly in the US military, February 1963 to March 1964, which was the cover CIA gave its training agents then. During the 1960s, as a salaried agent he ran a school in Florida training others in his trade, financed by CIA. He also did forays to other countries to do covert bombings and assassinations. CIA was using him as an "operative" in Caracas 1976. In 1972 he had listed his permanent residence as Miami. When he left Florida for Caracas to work with the Venezuelan intelligence agency DISIP, he had with him a supply of CIA bomb-making materials and explosive devices. On the date of the bombing of Havana bound Cubana flight 455, October 6, 1976, he had supposedly left DISIP and was operating a private detective agency in Caracas.

The reports suggest that the Cubana bombing was a joint DISIP-CIA project and CIA was involved in the planning. They refer to meetings in Santo Domingo in the summer and in Caracas in early September involving agent Posada and his partner Orlando Bosch and top DISIP officials, at which discussions were held about bombing Cubana flights, also the Letelier car bombing which occurred in Washington, DC in mid-September. At the time, Bosch was head of CORU, a new umbrella organization of violent anti-Castro groups in US which CIA had urged them to form. He was also involved with "Condor" operations, a CIA supported super-secret web in South America which exterminated and disappeared many leftists.

In July 1998 Carriles spoke to the New York Times about how the CIA coached him and his terrorist buddies, saying; “The C.I.A. taught us many things, explosives and their use, how to kill, bombs, and sabotage. When the Cubans were working for the CIA they were called patriots.”

The U.S. government is acting against international law by protecting Carriles from Venezuelan authorities, where he is wanted for his involvement in the terrorist attack on the Cuban plane 34 years ago.

This case of terrorism is not a unique story, it is another example of the CIA's repeated use of terrorism to get its political way in this part of the world, or in the Middle East. We in the Western world are constantly told that the trail of modern terrorism leads back to "radical men with radical agendas in radical areas of the world" but if you look at the top of the CIA what you will undoubtedly find are the most radical men in the world today. And they wield radical power for radical ends. But these men don't represent the American people, liberty, democracy, or America. They are crazy renegades with imperialist and diabolical plans. They overthrew America's will in 1963 when they murdered its courageous and maverick president, JFK. After that monumental coup, America was in their pocket, and remains so today.

You probably won't be surprised that when the terrorist attack happened 34 years ago, George H. W. Bush was the director of the CIA. The Bush family seems to always be at the center of American state terrorism. Crumpacker writes:
No one warned Cuba or potential passengers of the impending attack. George Bush, Sr. was the CIA Director at the time of the bombing. He was Vice President when Posada was allowed to escape from jail during his trial in Venezuela (CIA bribed his guards when the evidence started to implicate them) and report to Col. Oliver North in El Salvador to work on the Nicaraguan Contra supply operation being run out of the White House. Bush, Sr. was President when he pardoned Bosch against the recommendation of his own Justice Department, thereby harboring him in Miami.

In 1976 CIA was aware the Bush family had important connections in the oil business and was dealing with key politicians in Venezuela. Jeb Bush (now governor of Florida) was establishing himself in Caracas with the Commerce Bank of Texas, owned by Bush family friend (later Secretary of State) James Baker. When Bosch arrived in Caracas on September 14, 1976, after a visit with Pinochet officials in Chile, then Venezuelan President Perez allowed Bosch and Posada to conduct fundraising and operate freely in Venezuela, even contributing funds to their projects.
The U.S. government knows how many crimes it has committed, hence all the secrecy by the Obama administration. Everything in Washington stinks. The entire War on Terror is an evil and fraudulent enterprise. As stated by the Voltaire Network; "The Cuban-born terrorist has become a symbol of the US methods of hemispheric domination and its double standard: on the one hand, they declare a global war on terrorism and, on the other, they use it."

U.S. government officials use terrorism to suit their own ends all the time, and yet, they expect us to believe that their cause to "eradicate international terrorism" is genuine? How can people be fooled by such hypocritical monsters?

How long will this age of treason and terrorism last? How long will the American people tolerate Washington's Orwellian conception of the world? When will the CIA/military-industrial-congressional complex/National Security State reign of criminal supremacy end? How long will the dark night in D.C. go on?

Let's never forget all the victims of American terrorism, and all the young soldiers who died for an evil cause. Champions like Pat Tillman have died fighting for evil lies. It hurts to even think about all the human beings who are gone, and who are currently suffering because of America's wars. What makes me angry most of all is that there is so much humanity in America that's not being allowed to surface and shine for the world. America's name is now tarnished, and its treasures are getting wasted every day because of the criminals and traitors who rule Washington. It's so tragic.

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