October 9, 2023

In The Vacuum of Global Leadership, Will China Step Up?


The Chinese are the only rational people left on the planet. Will they step up and help bring peace to the Holy Land?

In the vacuum of global leadership, rogue nations and terrorist groups are feeling free to violently pursue their insane aims. Some of them are allies of the West and some are not. But they all are a threat to global stability because there is no superpower left to legitimately curtail or even threaten them.

In recent weeks Turkey got the green light to ethnically cleanse Armenian land and go even further, to wipe Armenia off the map. 

Both NATO and Russia are blessing Turkey's goal of unifying the Turkic geographical space which is not possible without implementing a genocidal strategy. The world, including the Muslim nations, is also supporting Turkey's  war crimes in north Syria by describing their unhinged actions against the people there as counter-terrorism operations. Such short-sightedness never ends well for anyone.

Letting terrorists win has consequences.

The victory of the Taliban two years ago has undoubtedly had a psychological effect on the morale of Islamist forces in the region and in Africa as well. But the psychological dimension alone is not important. The material support that these terrorist groups continue to receive from states is shocking. In West Africa they secretly receive aid from countries like France, Qatar, and Turkey, and it has required military coups to bring some semblance of order and public security to these countries.

The much talked about U.S-Iran hostage deal has also empowered the terrorist forces in Iraq, Lebanon, Syria, Yemen, and Palestine. This deal signaled American unwillingness to go to war in the Middle East again. And this position is completely reasonable and justified, but there are consequences to every decision. Giving the Ayatollahs a diplomatic victory was unnecessary. They now feel even more confident to spread their reign of terror in the region in the name of defending Palestinian rights.

After seeing these events, it is clear there is no policeman left in the Middle East. The era of America's role as the ultimate arbiter is over. 

Israel obviously believes that America no longer has the power or desire to stop it or its enemies from extreme measures. 

According to Egyptian reports, Israel's leaders were informed about Hamas's bold plan beforehand and believed it would be better for it to carry it out regardless of the costs so as to give itself the freedom to retaliate however it chooses.

If cooler heads don't prevail this outburst of mayhem could grow into a full scale religious war, and unlike the Ukraine war, where Putin is in charge, there are no adults in this conflict. There will be only losers. 

America's close and irrational attachment to Israel means it can't serve as a credible mediator, and Russia simply doesn't have the diplomatic clout to achieve a long-term peace in any meaningful talks. 

China is the only country in the world that is capable of bending others to its will because of its economic power and international reputation as a neutral observer. 

Only the Chinese can talk reason to both sides of this war.